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  1. OK guys quick question.I'm doing a shed grow and I have 3 high sodium output lights for 11 of my girls.I have the lights about 4 inches away from my girls but I'm having a problem with stretching.they are almost a month old and the only vegging there doing is stretching.the won't put out the second set of leaves.there jus stretching.wat can I do to stop that.I don't want my plants ten feet tall considering I dnt live in Colorado.any suggestions?I figure I can put em out in the sun to get some natural light so that's where I'm at.
  2. What lights are you using, exactly? Make/model/wattage? 4 inches is CLOSE for HID lamps.
  3. I dont want to insult your intelligence but it doesnt sound like this is hps lighting here... Whats the info on the lamps

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  4. What watts are those lights man. I used a 100 w hps one time when I didn't know what i was doing

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  5. I just checked the lights and there not high sodium output.I thought they were.I've got two of the 1500 watt G.E. plant lights from Walmart.the ones that have the blue bulbs but shine yellow and one 700 watt plant light that's a long bulb from Walmart that's a whit light and shines blue.I also have them on a timer that's set for an 18-6 cycle but the plants are becoming long and thin.I jus put them out in the sun and pinched the bottoms of them and tied them up hoping they will repair themselves to bigger nods where I pinched them.I pinched them jus enough to hear a lil crack but diddnt break them all the way through.any ideas?
  6. They are all doing that
  7. 2 1500 Watts and a 700 watt
  8. I found some actual professional grow lights on eBay I'm going to buy.if I put them outside will they be OK until then?I think it's the lights as well.I jus wanna be sure that the wind won't whip them around too much and break them because they are pretty fragile at the moment.on the other hand since I have put them out there the stalk has changed from white to green in just an hour's time so that's a good sign.I just don't want to lose my crop.I have auto flowers and they seem to be doin's just the feminized ones that are stretching.

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