Stretching plant once in 12/12

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  1. if you wanna stretch them move the light away? but rly you shouldnt need to, the closer the nodes the more dense i would think but im not too sure. your main tops are gonna be the bud producers anyway and tend to be mostly bud growth attached to stems with no new nodes.
  2. Most strains stop growing vertically about 2 weeks or so into flower. Not sure there's much you could do at this point.
  3. ????

    my bag seed didnt stop growing vertically, the flowers grew vertically as well as the stems they were attached to.

    since the plants double sometimes triple in size when flowering how could they stop growing vertically that doesnt make any sense.
  4. well then maybe I should state my question as, "how to get the most out of your buds while their been in 12/12 for a few weeks."
  5. some ppl use molasses to fatten up buds, and some others use a uvb light to increase trichome production. search around to find some info on these things. for molasses use unsulphered. for a uvb light its basically one of those lights you can buy for an iguana or other reptiles. im not sure if either technique is used throughout the flowering or only a few times, i think molasses can be used thoughout the flowering stage, and the uvb is usually the last couple weeks of flowering but im not 100% sure. try to find the topics around here about it.

    EDIT: you mix about 1 tbls of molasses per gallon of water, and i think you do this along with your feed, or just reg ph balanced water.
  6. I use General Hydroponics liquid Kool Bloom on my girls while they flower in a hydro grow. The back of the bottle says it is good for soil grows too.

    I am pleased with this product. It helps the buds get more bulk to them and helps in the production of oils that enhances fragrance and taste. As far as increasing the potency, I doubt that but it does help a lot.

    Plants do stop growing a few weeks into flowering. It is true they will double or triple in size but they will stop growing and put their efforts into making the buds bigger and better. This happens at the end of the plant's life cycle. Iduuno what kind of bagseed never stops growing but that's weird. The buds grow as the last phase of life. Even if we didn't cut them down they would die after blooming. It is hard to believe there is some strange genetic case of bagseed that defies all of these principals of life that have been around since the beginning of time and continues growing all the way through flowering up until they die.

  7. Some strains, especially more sativa-leaning stuff will stretch well into flower but I still believe and have personally experienced that most strains are going to have little verticle growth after flowering for a couple or three weeks. They can quite easily double or triple in size the first 2 weeks of flowering so I don't see how that doesn't make any sense to you.
  8. I've also read that, would it be possible then after harvest to put your female back into veg and it will grow again?
  9. since buds grow i consider that growing, maybe the overall production of new growth is stopped EXCEPT for buds but thats what i was saying anyway, the buds grow as well as new leaf grow around the buds, i nvr saw it just stop utill the last couple weeks where it was mostly just bulking the buds, still new growth, the plant was a good 16 inches taller than before it went into flowering.

    the plant doubled in size and started to take up more vertical room, my plant did this threwout the flower cycle not just its first 3 weeks of flowering. i dont understand what you are saying because how can the plant just stop growing? those nutrients are going somewhere arnt they? even if it is fattening buds its still growing that new growth. i honestly dont believe the plant stops growing untill its actually dead. at least thats been my experiance.
  10. yes, thats why I was saying isnt it possible, just like trees. The plant goes into hibernation to grow buds. Once the buds are harvested/snip off all the bud. Then put the plant into 24 or 18/6 again wont the cycle start over? The plant doesnt die as soon as the buds are clipped?
  11. idunno what it is you are growing but marijuana stops production of new growth unless you are talking about new bud growth. The bud takes up the exact place where new growth appears at.

    As far as nutrients, the nutrient needs are different during flower than what is required during veg. The nutrients go into maintaining what has already been produced and in bulking up the buds. In all of my grows when they go into flower I have to raise my lights 1-2" a day for the first few weeks but the height does stop. They do stop growing for at least a month. Once the height stops, that is when the buds begin to bulk up and get fat. All new growth will stop then.

    The word veg or vegging is the first part of growth when vegetative growth is desired. The flower cycle requires less nitrogen for the plants because they are no longer producing vegetative growth. It takes a few weeks for the change from veg to flower to complete. Even the buds stop gaining height as they get fatter and fill in around the main stem forming the cola. There are finger leaves growing out the side of the buds but there is no new growth going on. Even those fingerleaves stop being produced during the last month or so.

    I have heard of people putting their plant back into veg after harvest. Most people don't recommend it. I don't know much about it except that you need to be sure and leave a few leaves on the plant for photosynthesis and it needs to be done right after harvest.

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