Stretching? Pics!

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    I have two ladys for you to look at real fast. They are both Northern light fem from nirvana. This is my first grow. I started them from seed 5 days ago. They are now 3 days old from sprout.

    Some Basic Info:

    Light = 400w mh
    Light Schedule = 20/4
    Distance from light = 22"
    Tent = 4x4x7
    Temp = lights(83) darkness (78)
    Humidity = 33-40
    extracting airflow = 340 cfm

    The thing im worried about is as you may have guessed from the title. STRETCHING!!!

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  2. lol dont sweat it dude... those look great! When they first sprout they always have a long stem, and always look just like that.. wait at least another week before judging.
  3. how far away is your light... i cant even see it in the picture...

    use a tape measure and measure the distance.....

    put your hand under the light and if your hand gets hot at that distance so will the plant..

    but like the previous post said... it looks normal... i just thought it was weird that i cant see the light
  4. It says in the first post 22 inchs from the light that is prolly a bit far but they are seedlings i would bring it a bit closer every day and see how they react if all is cool bring it down a few inchs each day...

  5. I thought you should keep the light within 2 inches from the plant?

    Please clarify.
  6. under a 400watt mh? if you want dead plants extra crispy, then yes.
  7. 2 in if using fluorescent lights or cfl.
  8. personally I would just use a couple cfl's for the babys until they are big enough to handle the heat of a MH. I like to play it safe with expensive seeds.
  9. I'm using a 400w mh for mine and it's about 14 inches from the bulb with a fan blowing across it.
    Only gets real warm about 6 or so inches from the bulb itself. She's still lookin good.
    One thing i would worry about 'til their in bigger pots is the soil drying out kinda quick.
  10. Lol, if those are stretching mine are toppling over lol.
    Don't worry, they look great, no stretching yet, like the first reply said, thats what they do, observe them in a week then you'll have a better idea whether their stretching or not.
    I also have a 400wmh under 7day old seedling's about a foot away and I plan to move the light closer, they seem like they can handle it for now.. ;)
  11. They look fine.

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