stretching and light

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by amani619, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. hi guys i had a light issue before so my plants stretched. i just want to know if i should let my plants be or do something to fix it’s stetching
  2. When you transplant them put in almost up to the leaves the young stem will grow roots
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  3. i’m thinking about transplanting end of june is that good? never done indoor to outdoor before
  4. The way they're stretching I'd suggest trans planting sooner rather than later

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  5. my 10 gallon pots won’t come for another week, should i retransplant in solo cups? if i do should i add soil or take out completely and transfer into next solo cup?
  6. also they stopped stretching when i put proper lighting
  7. In the meantime than you might top those solo cups off to the brim with soil and maybe make some stints to hold them up .
    You may come out and find them all bent over .

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  8. Just repot back into your Solo cups but bury your stems all the way up to the cotyledons, that should give ya enough time to get your bigger pots.

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  9. Thats pretty red lighting for seedlings.

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