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  1. I was thinking about getting my ear 'flesh-tunnelled'/'stretched'.

    Do any of you have it and what was your experience ?

    I don't want to go too big because I'm still in school (6th form) and they wouldn't let me have one so I'd probably have to wear one of these;

  2. Why would you do that? It's just nasty and nobody I know thinks it's cool.

  3. Because I want it.

  4. Just don't get them punched.

    Take your time and do it right.

    If you try to go up a size and you bleed, downsize and wait a few more weeks.

    What size are those plugs?
  5. :wave: I'm curious as to how old you are as you stated 6th form, to my knowledge is about 16 to 18 years old. good luck on A levels!
    I've been stretching my left ear since age 16, now it's a 00 and I'm starting to stretch my right ear to match(silly kid mistake only doing one :rolleyes:)
    I did it all by myself, with tapers like this
    and LOTS of patience. it's easier to just slide them in one size at a time after a shower when your skin is more elastic. Just be sure to never go up more than one size at a time, let your skin heal for at least 3-4 weeks before going up another size and always always always clean the jewelry and skin before/after with sea salt solution. It's explained fully here:

    Salt Soaks - BMEzine Encyclopedia

    good luck sailor!
  6. Never heard em called that I call mine plugs. Anyway I have my ears at 00g(around 10mm). My advise is do research on them and if you decide to do it go slow and never skip sizes. If you do it will be bad, it always is. Also think about how permanent this will be. Mine are going to have to be stitched closed eventualy.
  7. Do I need to start by just getting my ears pierced ?
  8. I jumped from standard claires piercing size, about 18, and jumped to an 8. My ears were sore, but I was in the military at the time so I took out my tapers and they closed.

    I don't think jumping is as awful as people made it seem, my buddy literally pushed in my tapers while I was driving on thehighway.
  9. Generally around the smaller sizes its not to bad but after around a 6g, it gets bad. I jumped from a 4g to a 0g(9mm) and the inside of my piercing literally was pushed out the back leaving a piece of bloody meat hanging off of my ear called a blowout. I was about to take out my earrings before any permanent damage was done but it still hurt like hell.

    Piercing Blow-out - BMEzine Encyclopedia
    There is an article with pictures of blowouts.
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    Some stretches you practically can't feel, some are up there with the worst pain (besides fracturing) I've ever felt. Shower first and use a water based lubricant.

    Don't pay attention the panicky people, I barely left a fortnight between stretches and never ran into complications.
  11. I been having my streched out for 4 years, iam at size 9/16

    Go to the forums at : - great knowledge and advice their
  12. You want to take it slow, and not try to jump sizes. I jumped from 00g to 5/8", not pretty.

    The slower you take it, the more your ears should heal up too, if you decide to take them out. I went from no piercing to an inch in like, 6-7 months. That's EXTREMELY fast, but my ears healed up to a 0g after taking them out.
  13. push it too far and they smell bad. too gross for me.
  14. what is the largest you can go that your ears will heal back to normal?

  15. I just answered this on a different thread, your ears may or may not go back to normal. If you stretch slowly, you should be able to reduce the holes pretty well. I'm at 1 1/4" (about 32mm I believe)
  16. I'm almost at an each. Tapers are best. Silicon works well, too. Shit hurts. But I love mine. :)

  17. These are both terrible materials to stretch with. Tapers cause blowouts and weak spots and they're terrible, especially in bigger sizes. Silicone is horrible to stretch with, your skin can bind to it.
  18. I like Teflon tape and vitamin e oil for a painless stretch.

    Wrap your plug with one to three wraps of Teflon just enough so that its tight enough to slip in with some oil and repeat every 3 - 5 hours if it starts to hurt take a wrap of and leave it alone for a day my last stretch was 1/2 - 9/16 it took a day. I refuse to use tapers now. If you do start getting an infection doing seasalt soaked every few hours clears it up really fast.

    Just realize it is a commitment and you'll spend a lot of money on plugs everytime I size up I buy a pair of Tibetan agate a pair of red tigers eye and a pair of silicon software's for night when my plugs like to slip out and my holes start closing up. Its like getting tattooed it really gets addicting don't be surprised if part of you starts to enjoy the pain of stretching just remember if it hurts you're doing it wrong. Also atleast for me I find that my goal size which was initially a 0 increases to the next size about a day after your stretch when you start telling yourself "its really not that big" oh and be prepared for it to annoy your parents friends and signifigant others depending on the crowd of people you hang around

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