Stretched from a 2g to a 0g

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    I finally stretched my left ear, after healing it from a previous (minor) blowout ,that happened 3 months ago. After PTFE taping my ear halfway and then going the rest of the way with a taper, I've finally got my left ear at a 0g. The thing is though(after 24 hours of stretching), I noticed my ear was bleeding tonight, after removing my plug and swabbing it with a Q-tip(to clean it)... It wasn't leaking or gushing blood; I would have never known it was bleeding until I put the swab through it. My ear is also tender, and if I pull or touch it, there's a slight pinch. I've done some online research and have gotten many mixed answers about stretching from 2-0, but it's not helping.
    Mind you, my ear has been sanitized, massaged with vitamin E oil, and l decided to put some Neosporin on my plug as well. Am I doing something wrong here? Should I downsize or go naked?
    I've read that the minor bleeding is normal and the tenderness and pain should go away after a few days, or depending on how my ear's healing process is, and Neosporin is okay. BUT I have also heard the opposite... It's not a blowout, technically, because there is no lip of skin hanging out from behind my plug, which I've checked a million times.

    May someone give me some advice or let me know if I'm doing something wrong?

    By the way: I did wait more than 4 months before stretching both of my ears to the next size, I clean them and massage them everyday, and I check them to make sure they're fine.
  2. When I stretched from 4 to 00 I just shoved them in my ear with some water. Mind you I am kinda fucked and went from 16g to 4 down to 8 up to 6 to 4 to 00. I've never used the ear stretcher spike thing. Blood is normal, just keep it clean you'll probably be fine. 
  3. Thanks. So just treat it like a new piercing, right? Like I've been doing the whole time

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    I wouldn't use neosporin honestly. It kinda clogs everything up and doesn't let your ear breathe, which would make any potential infection worse. Neosporin is better for scrapes and cuts where the skin would get a lot of air contact to dry it out.

    That being said, a lot of people will say to completely downsize. Others will say just stretch all the way to your goal in 2 hours.. I would say it would probably be ok if you let your lobes heal for a lot longer than you would for your next stretch, like 6+ months of frequent vitamin e oil massages

    If you're worried about infection and don't want to use neosporin, sea salt soaks have always worked better than any medicine for my piercings and lobes
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  5. Dude same exact thing happened to me . In fact, I'm in the process of massaging away the scar tissue with emu oil daily.

    Luckily I only ruined one of my ears so obviously I'll end up being more careful. I just need to figure out how to read a caliper.

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