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stressing about dt..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ripdatshit, May 14, 2010.

  1. ok so i applied for a grounds keeping job for a small town, i applied about a week and a half ago. and they called me about an interview. when i filled out the app it didnt say anything about a dt, and neither did the lady that gave me the application. im stressing pretty bad, because i didnt actually think i would get a call, so i continued smoking everyday. do you guys think theyll test? its a seasonal part time job.
  2. need some you think theyll dt?
  3. Most municipalities test their employees before hiring them. If you're looking for a job you really shouldn't be smoking. The best way to beat a DT is to stay clean.

    You have to consent to testing so if they do decide they want to hire you they will give you a form saying you agree to be tested. Good luck, hopefully they won't test you.
  4. alright, so i will atleast have someee notice before hand?
  5. Yeah good luck on that dude.

    And when you do stop toking depending on how far the test will be... Antioxidents are good for cleaning out your system, and water :p
  6. im gonna need the luck. im just praying to the weed gods there isnt a dt. i started flushing today. and i have some acai pills, will those help clear me out too?

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