Stressful as fuck week, am I over reacting??

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    It's Friday morning today.
    Anyway Monday I find out my Uncle is dying, like seriously dying, only a week or two left too live. He lives about a 2 hour drive away so my parents pack their things and head off. Since they're gone for the whole day I was like fuck it, I'll buy some and smoke in his name. I text my best mate ( also my full time dealer ) we'll call him Z and ask him if he's in and he says he can't sorry. I'm fine with that he's probably just with his girl. So I end up getting off my brother and shits all good, I smoke up with him. Parents get home, spend the rest of the night consoling my mum because she found out he may only have a day or two left.
    Fast forward to Tuesday. My parents go see him again, I go over to my mates, who also buys off Z. We're talking for a bit and I ask him where he got his weed from and he said he found it! I was like found a Q! and he was like yeah I was so lucky since Z is out of town.... I'm like out of town?
    Apparently Z went camping with all my other mates and no one told me......
    I don't even care about the camping bit, I was way too busy with family matters but I just find it so inconsiderate my best mate and dealer didn't even tell me he would be out for a week and when I do text him I get a 3 word response. I don't know him thats just me but that's dog as fuck. I would notify the person I sell to the most I'll be out and/or won't be able to catch up because of camping.
    I do feel dogged by my other mates who didn't even say anything, and I always shout them rages and buy them beers and to top it off they had two spare seats and Im loaded with cash and im a dope guy why wouldn't you invite me.
    No I'm not butthurt I'm just pissed off, when I think I find a good group of mates they're dog cunts and I asked Z why I wasn't invited and he said "You should of asked"
    How the fuck am I suppose to ask if I have no idea you're fucking planning it.
    Fuck this shit, this always happens, I always attract crazy chicks and cunts for friends, I know it's over dramatic but it makes me want to end my life. If I'm going to spend the rest of my life by myself or either shouting cunts shit and getting nothing in return, no point in life if you can't  receive happiness.
    So what's your view GC?
    New friends
    Or water under the bride
    I'm usually an easy going guy, I swear this always happens to me and only me, thats why I'm pissed.
    Update: Uncle passed on, R.I.P mate love you Ricky you were the dopest Aussie bloke around, this red tinny is for you mate.

  2. No offense, just wondering why didn't you go visit your uncle with your family? And cut the shitty people out of your life. You might be overreacting during a tough time but see how you feel about them in a week or two.
  3. Sorry about your uncle bro.

    I feel you're overacting a bit. Maybe he shouldn't have given you a the word response bit he was busy. And you can't be upset you weren't invited to something when you couldn't have gone. Was everyone in the group your friendour just z? Either way man you got more important shit to worry about. Be strong for your mom side she needs you
  4. I did I saw him on Wednesday, he passed Wednesday night...I decided to leave that out because it's irrelevant to the story and the more I write about it, the worse I feel and I dont need that right now.
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    We're are all mates, I like every weekend get around and smoke and get drunk, stereotypical close mates
    and I could of gone I just chose, well I didn't get a choice but I think I would of declined anyway so I could see my Uncle and be with my family but still....
    I know I kind of sound like a douche but my family was never a family, always fighting so much hatred and bitterness, I really don't know the meaning of family, I consider my mates closer family....thats why I'm upset
    Also my family is not like other family...I have only seen that uncle only like 3 times in my life, my family never catch up or anything, everything is distant and lives their own little lives.
    Maybe that's why I long for companionship......fuck I Dr. Phil myself :hide: :confused_2:
  6. Haha the truth lies within my friend.

    That is lame they Coulda asked then. Sorry all the way around brother the best I can do is send good vibes across the Pacific. Hope things get better
  7. Cheers man appreciate it, just got a build another bridge...sadly it feels like this brother is just about out of wood......
  8. You gotta address this directly to them, being bottled up and feeling bitter is gonna take the hardest toll on your happiness. You either gotta tell them how you feel or keep letting your grievances go unsaid until you end up being this passive-aggressive kid nobody wants to chill with. Or drop them as friends. Anything's better than the second option though.
  9. My mind set is care free and fuck it.
    But this happens so often...too quote every cunt nowadays "I have no faith left in humanity"
    I dont mean with slaves and shit
    I mean It's so hard to find a true friend, someone that will give you the shirt off their back, pick you up at 1am from town cause you're so fucking drunk, shout you a rage whenever you have no bud. I'm sorry but is that so hard to ask, I would do that for my mates, I would drop them and let shit go but in Adelaide everyone knows each other so I can't drop them and not end up hanging out with them anyway.
    I think I just need to get the fuck out this country.

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