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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sinister, May 12, 2003.

  1. So im leaving my lifelong home of Virginia this Saturday to fly into Santa Cruz, CA. Ill be honest, im having some doubts and im nervous, but im sure ill be alright, its just that I only know 2 people up there, and a entire new fresh start, etc.

    So if you can send some good luck or karma my way, id appreciate it, this is the biggest change of my life, and im hoping itll be for the best.

    Also any people in the area can let me know and we can meet up and toke if your up for it, Im going to need all new smoking friends.
  2. some major karama coming ur way! why r u moving?
  3. Maybe the move will be all for the better!

    Sending good luck and karma your way!!
  4. just senta smile with my karma,...take a deep breath and have fun.

  5. Every ending is a beginning and you have a big part in writing the story.

    Karma has been sent.
  6. Well the main reason im moving is because I really dislike the place im currently at, even tho ive lived here my entire life, but a couple friends down there offered me a place to stay, a plane ticket on loan, and a job down there.

    So of course I took it, just got lucky I guess, and it sounds like the perfect for me, or any stoner for that matter, as long as you like the beach.

  7. ...and the traffic :p

    Mind ya, chillin' in gridlock with a fat blunt or pipe is pretty sweet...

  8. there ya go! the answer to road rage.
  9. sinister... fear not.

    revel in the excitement and adventure of going forth into the unknown. feal that rush? its adrenaline... go with it.

    'tis what life is all about.

    now if only i could live by my own advice...

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