Stressed out plants living near feminized seedlings.

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  1. First time grower with a bit of a conundrum.

    I have a mother plant and one clone that I started from a seed found in some flower around Christmas time this year. These plants grew very slowly indoors as I really had no idea what I was doing until they were moved outside into my greenhouse in early May. The plants were growing slowly but healthy up to this point. When I moved them outside I ended up transplanting them into some subpar soil. I also neglected to follow any sort of hardening off method. As a result both of these plants became stunted and started to show signs that they were failing (leaves dying off, generally looking pretty sickly). I have since transplanted them to some better soil and they seem to have adjusted to life outdoors well enough.

    Both the mother plant and the clone seem quite healthy now but they are both growing some deformed leaves and I'm concerned that they may have become hermaphrodites due to the stress during the transition to outdoors.

    In the mean time I also got some feminized seeds and started two seedlings which are doing well so far. I am keeping the feminized seedlings and the indoor/outdoor transfers separated on opposite sides of my yard but I am concerned that if the transfers have become hermaphrodites they may fertilize my seedlings. I have attached some pictures of the mother and clone. Hoping someone can tell me definitively if these are hermaphrodites so I can decide what to do with them to ensure my seedlings dont get fertilized accidentally.

    TL:DR - Are these plants hermaphrodites?
    20190621_194039.jpg 20190621_194354.jpg 20190621_194123.jpg 20190621_194247.jpg
    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Early May was to soon to move them out and the short day hours triggered flower.
    No such thing as hardening off. I move inside plants to outside full Southern California desert conditions with no issues at all.
    Deformed leaves are likely reveg leaves. A flowered plant when it reverts to a vegetative state sends out some very odd shape leaves. Single fingers and strange curls.
  3. Wow. Thanks for the information. That's very helpful!
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