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Stressed buds vs. Genetically Purple buds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Crunge, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Does anybody have any pictures showing the difference between buds which turned purple due to colder temperatures and buds which are purple due to genetics?

    I'm pretty sure I can spot the difference, but I'm not 100%.
  2. Good thread. I kind of have a hard time telling the difference sometimes.
  3. Well for strains that aren't genetically prone to turning purple, will only slightly turn purple. I tried it, turned mainly the undersides of the fan leaves and some of the bud tips.
  4. interested to see if anyone has input on the manner, pretty interesting question...
  5. If it's frozen it's going to be more black than purple in color. I don't have any pics handy because I would never buy buds like that.

    If it's genetically purple there can be 3 types, purple leaves only, purple spotting or purple mixed with healthy looking green, or just straight purple everything.(all these pics are mine)

    or sometimes it will only show towards the very middle of the buds as so..

    hope that helps...
  6. Those are some sexy pictures.
  7. "purpling" usually starts in the leaves and works its way into the buds. If there is only slight "purpling" in the buds it was probably genetics. If its over 50% purple then it was due to grow room manipulation. You need to get temps down to around 55 at night for it to start changing. Every leaf has purple in it its just covered by the cholorphyll.
  8. Manipulated:[​IMG]


    It all depends on how many nights they dropped there temp. They could drop it every night for weeks or they could just do it every couple days.
  9. how is that manipulated? GDurkle? sounds like a cross between grandaddy purps and purple urkle to me, two extremely purple dominant strains.

    there really isnt any way to tell if it was because of temprature or color.......the coloring just depends on how dominant the "purple coloring" trait is.


  10. Every strain can be forced to turn purple. Some turn more purple than others and some bounce back from the shock better than others. Granted those strains are both indica dominant and would have turned slightly purple on there own, they were definitely manipulated. You could make a sativa dom that purple but I wouldnt recommend it.

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