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  1. ok so im tryna grow some stress if you dont know what that is here are some other name schwag, mexican dirt weed, or just low grade
    anyway its low grade weed an when ever i have bout it it always comes with sticks and stems and seeds!!!!!!
    so what im tryng to ask is any senior growers out there have any tip on what to do with it or how to differenciate male from female whatever comes to mind will help thanks
  2. You would have to try harder to grow schwag then you would to grow some good. The reason it's low quality is because it was grown in a field of male and female plants. The males pollinate the females and after that the female spends more energy making seeds then THC (you dont smoke the male plant). So all you have to do is remove the male from the equation and you already have weed that will be 10x better.

    Spend some time in the beginner forum reading and you should have no trouble growing some kill.
  3. ^ KEEPS sayin everyhting i woulda said. haha. ON POINT. you can take seeds from said "stress" and turn it into some killer with less effort than reproducing the same weed. In fact ive got a "bag seed" and it didnt even come from a bag of good, it was some shit ass regs i got from the "hood" on a dry spell and she looks just as good as the sour d genetics i paid for.

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