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  1. This is my first indoor grow, and thus far i've probably done most of the things wrong, correction i know i've done most things wrong. this is what i have 3 1&1/2 ft plants growing under 1 70 watt hps with an unvented closet (unless i keep the door open, which i've began doing keeping the temp in the mid 80's) with the closet unvented the temp goes to about 100 f (way way way too hot) the plants are doing fine, i've tested the soil daily to check dryness and water as i see necessary as a regular watering schedule is nearly impossible with a changing temp like i have. Along with the 3 full sized plants i have weaved in a screen i have 6 under 2 2ft 20watt flouros 12/12 4 are females, so i placed 3 of the dwarf flowering plants under the hps 12/12 as well. so under 1 hps i have 6 plants 3 in 8in pots and 3 in 4in pots. so my grow room looks a little hectic and is not anything close to resembeling a professional scrog/ sog grow. i have used regular potting soil wixed with some pearlite for the big ones and they were all started in the 4 in pots with MG potting soil, (which the small ones are still in). i can't cut any holes in the doors walls or ceiling of the room, however someone suggested replacing the door temporarily and cutting a new door up to use. any thoughts on this grow (and as i have said i've done many things wrong or still have things wrong, constructive critisism is appreciated.) here are some pics. enjoy

    p.s the most reacent pics were from 06/01/06
  2. add a fan asap
  3. hopefully this works, it's the whole flowering chamber and a shot of the best one

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  4. are those floweing they seem very small what strain are u growing?
  5. the first thing i would do if i were you.
    get a good ventalation system, it will help out alot.
    next, i dont think you should really be doing a scrog setup right now.
    i am guessing you are new to growing?.
    but whatever, i think once you get rid of the heat issues then you will be fine
    good luck
  6. the front 3, the smallest ones are flowering. I'm trying out different stuff to see which method i would like, or even what kind of ganj i have, i used some bagseed. I'm hoping to get 1 good female and regenerate it after the first harvest, and yes i am new to indoor, i have done outdoor. my main problem as far as i can tell is not having the light close enough b/c of the heat, along with overcrowding and lack of proper ventilation. I kept some seeds from the bag i used, so if i like how the strain grows, i can retry using the knowledge of my first disaster to do better next time. I got sick of paying so much $$ and i love to grow, so now i have my own place i can do so on a small scale to suit my needs. If there are anymore suggestions i'd like to hear. or if you'd like more pictures.

    Thanks all.
  7. first off ...1 plant needs to be in a minimum of 3 gallon planter if you have more than 1 in a 8 " container its to small......second how long was your lite cycle before you put them into flowering?

  8. Yes, all you need is one good female to make a grow work. Instead of regenerating though, I believe it might be best to put those females back into veg and clone them with some cloning solution in soil.

    Bopper wrote this guide on how to take cuttings in soil when I asked him about it and I think cloning is probably the best way to avoid having to start out from seed all over again:

    You can buy cloning solutions at your local hydroponics or gardening stores OR, you can simply order them online, like here:

    Growing under a 70 watt hps eh? Normally one would only grow one to two plants under those. If it's heating up, then you MUST find a way of attaching a small computer fan to the reflector at the very least. Just drill some holes and get a small computer fan and screw it into place, that's what I did with my 150 watt hps and it never heats up. Did you seperate the ballast from the bulb? That can be a major heat issue if they're still in close proximity to each other. Put that in its own seperate computer power supply box with fan or something of that nature so as to have it's own cooling source.

    Lastly, put a fan on them for sure. A desk fan. Your internodes are too long because of no fan and the distance the light is away from them, though at your plants' current height, you might be able to get away with it being far away, but still.

    EDIT: By the by, I am still very new to growing and simply know alot of this from research and unfortunately have not had enough experience putting them into practice, so forgive me if some of this information seems overly textbookish and not enough hands on, but one way or another I hope it helps.

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