stress is good???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chikkybabe, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. i just read in a grow guide that if you stress your plant slightly once it is a few weeks into flowering that it will actually increase the potency of your buds, but somewhat diminish your yield....

    anyone evr heard of this ??
  2. what kinda stress? i tried water stress, but i wouldnt know how to tell if my budz were more potent because its the first grow, now if i had an original non stressed and a clone heavily stressed as a control, then i could prolly compare. maybe you should give it a try
  3. the reason i came across this info is coz i trimmed my fan leaves in half to increase light to the lower branches and thought i better look up to see how badly this may affect them...

    it states that any stress factor that will inhibit growth has the potential to increase the weeding after seedlings are developed...stem stabbing, fan leaf removal, water deprivation, poor soil quality etc...

    the reason being that although growth is slower, the cannaboloid synthesi is still continuing (whatever the hell that is) therefore potency should be higher..

    SHOULD being the word of the moment...

    i dont know if id want to remove my plants from their bubblers and kick them around the backyard a few times just incase it made them a bit more potent, would you??
  4. lol i hear ya! but how would you even know if it were any more potent if you never smoked it before stressin it? thats a question i could not answer. what do you think? :)
  5. what about the neagtive effects of stress?

    Like triggering hermaphroditism. Stress cause certain plants to turn hermie so you wind up with male/female flowers on the same plant and tons of seeds and seedy bud.
  6. All l can tell you my friend is that l try my very best to do things as well as l can .l get better results than 99% of growers and with no stress to my plants :D.Me on the otherhand it does pay to stress a bit to get the best results ,lol.p.s. K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid .just stick to the facts ,less work better result.
  7. I think if you stress it a little longer into flowering you would have less chance of going hermi since the plant would have the foundations of a female already formed.

    Hey its worth a shot. Granted the KISS is nice. But if people didn't try new things we wouldnt know much of what we know.
  8. well i have taken clones from my plants that are now flowering and fortunately i labelled them (just incase they were male, so i could chuck them), so i will have sum comparison with my next grow, since these lot are the stressed out

    actually all of mine have been stressed out QUITE a bit this grow....hehehe...go the nu-b!

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