Stress Free Auto Transplant Idea

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  1. So i recently purchased 3 Gorilla Glue Autos from Growers Choice, i know transplanting is a very controversial topic. I have 3gal Smart Pots to Up-Size when the time comes, i just dont have the funds to purchase more soil atm. So im thinking that if i cut a slit down the side and the bottom off of a Solo cup and then place said cup inside of another intact cup. Which would allow for the rootball to be easily removed from said cup with very minimal stress. What are some opinions? Picture is Just to show where cuts would be placed. Also im using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil, will the soil be too hot for my Seeds? Snapchat-280043980.jpg

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  2. I've always found that at about 2 weeks in a solo cup, the plant, roots, and soil all come out in one piece without slitting the side or removing the bottom. Simply make a hole in the new soil using the solo cup for the perfect size hole, gently grab the stem of the plant and remove it from the solo cup - then place in the hole. I have never had even a slow down in growth. Good luck.
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  3. Here's u a stress free transplant idea, comes in bigger sizes. Never disturb the roots again.

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  4. These look good, although I've read that sometimes the plant grows faster than the pot can biodegrade, so some break the pot a little during transplant for root escalate escapage

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  5. This is how I transplant everything... works great every time for me. I use 2 solo cups. One cup just has holes poked in bottom. the other cup, I cut the bottom off an cut 4 slits in rim of other cup and put it into cup with just holes in bottom. I fill it up w medium and then plant. To transplant, separate cups and put cup holding medium with no bottom and girl in new pot with medium already in it, fill up medium around cup and, then rip cup apart slowly where on of the slits were cut and remove cup fron new medium and all done.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. Once u see roots u pop it down in the next pot and water, the cardboard softens up in soil and root go right through it. I've used these on every grow. It's not they breakdown fast it's more like the water un bonds the pulp after being saturated in soil and roots can grow right through them.

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  7. I have used these and I wouldnt suggest them. They do not biodegrade very fast.
    I pulled a plant only to find the cup still there and the roots only grew through the bottom and top and not out the sides

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  8. Im glad to hear someone else has the same or similar method of doing so, thank you for the input

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  9. That is what i had thought about them when i first seen them on Amazon, i knew they either wouldnt degrade completely or the plant would outgrow it before being able to push through.

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  10. My stress free way is by starting them in their final pot.....and I agree about those biodegradable pots....ive used them for tomatoes and didn't care for them......they breakdown does kinda suck....IMO
  11. Transplanting autos doesn't cause any stress whatsoever. So many people recently are misunderstanding the issue entirely. The actual transplant itself is not the problem. It's being in a small pot for too long that causes the problem.

    I start my seeds in a 4" pot and transplant soon after the tips of the leaves have reached out passed the rim of the pot. This is usually between one and two weeks and they don't get any stress at all

    If the actual transplant itself is causing stress then you're doing it wrong
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  12. Just harvested 3 gg autos from growers choice in 5 gallon happy frog fabric pots. Didn’t have a need to transplant. Takes closer to a hundred days

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  13. Like your idea for the transplant though.

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  14. 100% agree with MickFoster and GoldGrower. Both of those methods combined and you will have a successful transplant. Move plant from the solo cup about a day and half after watering so the soil isnt to wet and not to dry and the transplant will go smoothly. I have had 100% success rate doing it this way, but also to add growing is a awsome hobby and there are all sorts of ways to get to the end result, you just have to find one that works to your liking. I do like ydorke1981 idea but for me and my ocd i would get anxiety just trying to remove the pieces of the cup out of the soil.:)
  15. Just transplant it normally. I start all my autos is solo cups and transplant them into larger containers without any issue. You are way over thinking this.

    You're messing with the plant/container more then just transplanting normally. Neither way should stress the plant but your way sounds more stressful in the end if it did.
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  16. Thanks i appreciate it!! Yeah i know its better to start in their Final Pot but i just dont have the supplies right now and im Eager to get them goin!!

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  17. It's not better, that's a myth. There are pros and cons to both, one way maybe more suited to some growers than others

    But all that faffing about with the pot pealing back is likely to cause more stress than just plopping the rootball out the normal way
  18. Totally agree, I start mine in the same pot they finish in, that way there's no stress and less work for me to do.

    I'm always down for the path of least resistence, I guess the plants are too.

    I bang mine in 57l fabric pots, under a 210w COB and jar up about 6.5 oz a run, with a couple of oz for playing around with, 24 hours light, there's no rest for the wicked!

    As for those biodegradable pots, got some sweet peas in the kitchen window here, the roots are through the bottom, but have not come out of the sides. Wouldn't buy them personally, great for windows and novelty items, not something I'd use in a real grow though.
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