Stress = Early Maturation?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by teledingo, May 28, 2006.

  1. One of my plants has led a fairly stressed life, but it has never complained and has made it through the rough spots.

    Now, however, it's acting up. It's only at about day 30 into flower, but the pistils at the top of the plant - at the tops of each of the two main colas (pinched her during veg) - are already starting to amber.

    None of her sisters are doing this, as they all remain white and bushy.

    What should I do with this outlier? Harvest early? Let her keep plumping?
  2. Mostly, I'm just wondering if its typical for a stressed plant to finish early...
  3. Share some more facts, Tell me your water regiment.

    How close to light?
    What type of light?

    Pictures help.

    Skunk strains tend to mature very fast. Stress doesnt cause early maturing, but it will cause your plant to go herme.
  4. Inoticed that on my first grow, then a coulpe days later white hairs reappeared more growth,same again, al the time colas got bigger and more filled out each time. The Trics stayed crystiline till I harvested at 8"x3" cola, suppose I coulda waited longer but we were out and needed to start curing something! :D
  5. I would just let it keep going. And if it keeps getting worse and shows some real serious problems, then harvest it early. If its bagseed, it could be a different strain than the other ones. Try to wait until that plant is ready to be harvested
  6. If it goes bad and you have to harvest early, I'd scrap the whole plant and make hash out of it. Would be better than smoking shwaggy buds.
  7. I don't think anything is wrong with your plant... just let it keep flowering...
  8. Sounds to me like he is a lil confused on what he is talkin about....

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