stress crack in glass?

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  1. not sure what this little circle all the way around the joint of my bong is took some pics maybe you guys can help... hope u can notice it. goes all the way around the joint right below where the down stem goes... really hope its just how it was blown and not a stress crack or something:cry:
  2. wayy to fuzzy for my eyes
  3. my bad man my camera sux for that kind of stuff... drew an arrow with paint... came out smaller than expected but it works lol
  4. ohh.. what kind of tube is that...all i can maybe think of is they put on the joint seperatly and thats where it connected, i dunno tho
  5. thats kind of what i was thinking and hoping lol. its a pure glass tube... i didnt notice it at the head shop but hell its been babied ever since i got it! idk how that would just happened
  6. anybody else have any idea what that might be?
  7. My slide has a couple of stress cracks. They aren't too bad, but I'm 80% sure what caused them...

    Right after I used it, I was cleaning it with 91% isopropyl alcohol with Q-tips. I pushed a little hard into the hole from the top and probably caused it to crack, by putting too much pressure into it and/or the alcohol rapidly cooling the glass and ultimately causing it to crack. It's still usable and works great. I'm just super careful when using it.

    Won't need to use it much in a couple weeks though after I get my V-Tower Extreme!</excitement>
  8. but still i shouldnt have to worry about it the pipe is only like 2 weeks old... i clean mine regularly i usually use 420 cleaner tho.. sometimes alchol and salt if im all out!

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