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Stress and Turning females to males. How much is too much?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by cazheadies, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Theres a lot of debate about this, a lot of people unsure as well. Please provide your advice, experiences, and ideas. Some questions I have thought of are the following:

    Will heat burns from a lamp following on a plant cause it to be a male when the plant is only a few weeks old?

    Will an outdoor plant hit with cold weather or snow turn male if its only 4 weeks old?

    Will not hardening a plant before putting it outside cause a higher percentage of males?

    Will a 2 month old plant turn male or produce a higher percentage of males if there is a dry spell for a week and watering of the plant is not possible?

    How about a 3 week old plant deprived of water for a 4 days under lamps?
  2. The issue I'm having is I started my girls indoors on an 18/6 light cycle. When the daylight hours went to daylight savings, I moved them outside not thinking about the light change and now early flowering. I notice I ended up with 5 hermies. I was told that they purple stalks and showed signs of stress. Those plants are gone and I'm crossing my fingers the others will be okay. Hope that helps
  3. i don't believe anything will turn a female plant male...

    i do believe you can cause a plant to herm if you stress it out too much... any kind of plant stress can contribute to that, not just light leaks, heat, etc...

  4. So at any stage you could cause a hermi? a week old plant in veg if stressed could become a hermi 3 months later from that single time it was stressed?
  5. think of it like this... every time you cause stress to your plant, you're raising the chances... i seriously doubt a plant'll herm just cause you had a messy transplant when it was a seedling... but if you had a messy transplant, flowered it accidentally, revegged it, let the ph get way off, had a light leak, etc... then there's a good chance it could herm...
  6. post a pic !

    how do you know it was ever a female in the first place anyway

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