Stress and anxiety

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. How do I deal with it?
  2. smoke more ganj.

    that or, find something to take your mind off of said anxieties.
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    lol. yeah. i have to agree.
    weed does help with my anxiety. :confused_2:

    however, i noticed it's getting better even when i'm not high sometimes.
    i've been working on it...

    edit: get really high, think about what stress and anxiety really is, and go from there...
    i know that sounds kinda weird, but it has worked for me. write down your thoughts, though.
    i tend to make all these 'discoveries' and then end up going to sleep and lose it all.
    but make sure you are really, really high.
  4. i went to a doctor and he suggested i take paxil. what a bad idea that was. so i wouldnt suggest being put on meds. but i started meditating and trying breathing exercises, and its helped a lot.
  5. well it depends, alph. how and why are you feeling anxious?
  6. ya, it's tough. especially when everyone around you is anxious. It's contagious and stuff. It's really annoying. I think we live in a stressed out paranoid society.
  7. Try this, it works really well...

    [ame=]YouTube - Not Giving a Fuck![/ame]
  8. with ART!

  9. get a hobby really helps w/stress especially if that hobby is smoking weed
  10. run for as long as you can in a given direction
  11. I have severe anxiety (and anxiety induced ibs, which is hell on earth), so i got it bad. I'm going to start going regularly to a therapist just to talk... talking and letting things out to a stranger is always helpful... thats why i love gc so much.

    the only other things that help me are, in this order:

    1. meditation
    1. klonopin
    2. guitar
    2. weed
    3. music
    3. a shower

    (yee there two-way ties)

    whatever you do, don't let a doctor put you on SSRI's for anxiety. It fucked up my whole brain chemistry, i haven't been the same ever since.

  12. If you figure out a way that doesn't involve pills, lemme know, alright? :p
  13. I haven't smoked pot since I last had my craziest anxiety and panic attack. Since then I have had some anxiety symptoms and I have just tried to let them happen to me so I could like study them. What calms me down is exercise, writing music, or listening to music.

  14. I second this. I've had OCD since i was 12, I've been on all sorts of anxiety meds and they all suck. I deal with my stress now through yoga, weed, and other exercises, and just telling myself the things I'm obsessing over aren't a big deal. It's hard, but it gets easier with time.
  15. yoga/weed/sex marathons/music/pills-but dont do that..

    all this have helped me in the past
  16. Fuck if I know, I'll probably have an ulcer in a few years..
  17. Weed and exercise are the two ways I deal with stress, and they both work very well.
  18. Nothin you can do but try to take your mind off the stress and worries. I have anxiety and sometimes it's real hard to deal.
  19. weed is so much more effective than paxil or any other ssri/tca/etc. i would highly recommend staying away from prescription antidepressants.

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