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Strength V Quality

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lessskunk, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. What is the big thing with making weed stonger & stronger, I used to smoke to get to a happy, interesting, high or a relaxed stupified stone but not stressed or freaked out due to the strength of the product.

    Skunt seems to have taken over and if I wanted to trip I would take something else other then weed, if you know good wholesome old fashion smokes please list.

    And just to state this is just my opinion
  2. umm, breeders, advanced growing techniques and technology are making weed better.. and i for one am happy about that.

    i would say smoke less or smoke more to built a decent tolorence.
  3. Arrh there you have it, define better.

    My point is stronger better and where does it end, some shit really does f$£k with your head, I'm not against strong weed don't get me wrong I just would like a little more of the inbetween varieties like Strewberry and any suggestions appreciated on strains
  4. stronger is generally better, if you think the strength is too high .... use less lol that way the weed'l last you longer, thats why imo stronger is better. Theyre are still plenty of mid range weeds. If your not growing yourself though or somewhere where its legal your pretty much tied to whatevers available.
  5. adjust your intake with respect to the potency of your strain...

    i don't have a problem with strains being too potent, but i have a tolerance built.

    but i agree with what you said about quality... sometimes shitty weed will get you super baked, but then along with it are symptoms of a shitty high... elevated heart rate/heavy "stress" feeling..... i call that stuff stress weed
  6. I like that "stress weed" I've been smoking for 26 years now, so seen plenty of changes in strength over that time and had my fair share of stress weed. Used to be mainly Hash here in the 80's now mainly weed.
  7. lol, too strong? Like another drug?

    You clearly just don't smoke very much at all and are getting the recreational side effects again. This weed is a little stronger than the stuff my dad used to smoke back in the 60s and 70s (or so he shared with me as we split a bowl of some of my CA medical stuff), but it is essentially the same thing.

    If you wanna be less "stoned" you either gotta smoke a little less or a whole lot more.

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