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  1. I've seen HPS streetlights and I think MH ones as well. Would those be usable as grow lights? If so, what's a typical wattage for the bulbs they have?
  2. your going to buy a street light? its cheaper to buy a grow light.
  3. Maybe he is going to borrow one? ;)
  4. i think he ment he wanted to steal one
  5. so if one of thease lights came into his hands legaly or not would it work
    answer the question what wattage would it give out
  6. We have lights that look similar to street lights at work. I know they are 450watt Metal Halides.
  7. I have heard those lights aren`t high pressure sodium, they are low pressure sodium (LPS) for obvious reasons..
  8. they would be good for veging
    and budding
  9. Ive had friends "borrow" them, and they always seem to be 400W HPS... At least all the ones they have torn down. I would try to figure out what type it is before you climb up there and try taking it...
  10. Hmm.. if you were looking for a light to "borrow" I suggest finding an old abandoned warehouse,if there are any near you. It would be much less risky and dangerous (no electricity, inside of a building=not out in plain sight on the street). Plus if you did "borrow" a light from one of these warehouses it would most likely go unnoticed, where as a streetlight would have to be replaced.
  11. I am not going to address the issue of how one might obtain a HID streetlight. I don't condone theft.

    To the poster's questions, if the lights truly are HPS or MH then yes they would be good for growing. You would need to have the full light -- meaning socket, bulb, and ballast, all matched and wired properly -- for it to work.
  12. he seriously never said anything about stealing and everyone so far assumed it...

    there are countless possiblities how he could LEGALLY obtain a street light

    you guys love being critical

  13. Ya but there is good reason for suspicions. They just dont manifest themselves, bc there are people out there that do steal things and what not. I am not one, but once someone asks about a streetlight, it is kinda assumed.
  14. I for one made no assumptions about this poster, just made a general comment in response to all the other replies that added this idea to the discussion. And then gave my best answer to the poster's question.
  15. yes the street lights i accuired have been equipped with 250 HPS lamps in a ballast with the capacity of 400..... i dont know why the city does this but they do n all one has to do is aquire a grow light .... but whatever comes with it will work .....
    ive taken my light fixture out of the massive aluminium housing and built my own but left the ballast in there ... it dissapates the heat very well......
    JUST BE CAREFUL however you might go about "AQUIRING" one ...;) flea markets and garage sales are less intimidating enviroments :smoking:
  16. you can use a street light I mean all you have to do is take the wires from the street light find the white and black wire. Cut an extension cord where the female part is(where you insert prongs from a nother cord). peel back the rubber wireing and connect the white to white and black to black. I bought a 70 watt HPS system from Lowes and it didnt come with a regular wall socket so i made one with an extension cord as i previously stated above.
  17. haha funny thing i found this thread here!

    uhm i recently was given a street lamp from a friend. im sure he got it cleverly but he really didnt tell me. anyways its got two wires coming out, and the bulb gives off that orangeish yellow tint (thats metal halide right?).

    i have the reflector too, just curious if there is a link anywhere to make a ballast for it as that seems to be missing.

    ill get pics up later this afternoon after work.
  18. buy a ballast in a box man, i wouldnt take one unless u really know what ur doin 240 can kill u and id imagin thats what they run on to lower amps and what not
  19. ^^hps man, halid give off a bluish clear light
  20. is the fine for stealing a light real worth it or going to jail?If your barrowing one thats fine if not spend $150 get a 400 watt from

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