Streetlight/Reel Big Fish Tour

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  1. i wish, theyre not comin near me this time around but i saw both of em with less than jake about 4 years ago. great show, i though streetlight put on the best show and they were considered the opener lol

    i remember the first time i heard streetlight, pretty sure i listened to this song on repeat for weeks
    [ame=]YouTube - Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Went Numb[/ame]
  2. Im going to the boston mass date
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    i fucking wish so bad that i could go.

    ^ so serious

    edit: actually I could probably make the Cleveland show... must contact friends.
  4. toronto show is tomorrow and i still don't know if i'm gonna go.. if i do i'm gonna end up getting shit faced and then having to deal with a seven hour car ride to ottawa saturday morning, only to sit through a several hour long wedding that i don't wanna be at sooo i don't know, haha. i've seen both bands a few times before so it wouldn't be a huge deal if i missed them, but i haven't been to a ska show in years and i just wanna dance !
  5. I was at the Anaheim show. It was sooo fun.
  6. August 1st motherfuckers :D
  7. Skank the night away bro
  8. Hey, how was the show Ska?

    I'm actually getting to see them on the 13th, in Columbus. Just got my tickets yesterday:D
  9. im seeing them saturday assuming the storm off the coast doesnt get serious and hit us. im suuuuuper excited to see both bands again. ive seen them both like 4 times and they keep getting better and better
  10. Was great... skanked the night away.
  11. Awesome show, Rodeo Ruby Love was good. The Maxies weren't there, idk if they got off like the first leg or something... but it was a damn good show.

    Streetlight was wayyyy better than I had even expected. Love them. So much.
  12. dang none of those work out for me in school. seen rbf and streetlight mad times before tho so all good. they'll come around :)

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