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Street vs Dispensary?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by theHIGHschooler, Nov 1, 2014.

  1.  Hi guys, I've been browsing this forum for awhile now, and finally created an account. I love this 420 community. I was wondering how the quality differs from getting some dank from your dealer vs getting some from a dispensary?

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    Dispensaries will usually have a range of herbs, going from slightly above mids to top shelf, obviously the latter being more expensive.
    It's kind of hard to compare top shelf from the streets to top shelf at the dispensaries because an experienced grower can grow bud that's just as good as a dispensary. Sometimes they'll even be the same bud. In states that are near medical states, it's not uncommon for brave souls to traffic it back to their home cities to sell.
    What makes a dispensary so appealing is that you can choose what you want.

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  3. Despensary is more expensive, but quality is always consistant, and you can choose a specific strain, depending on what kind of high you want.

    Street is less is expensive, but quality is sometimes inconsistant, and street dealers usually only carry 1-2 strains at a time.
  4. Okay, thanks guys!
  5. Since getting my card it has been exact opposite.
    I'm getting 40$ quarters of decent bud that goes for 10 a g in the shop. Before I had my card the guy i used to buy off would only give me like 4gs for 40 none extra.

    I've found they are always throwing stuff in too, which is really nice

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  6. Same shit, different dealers. Your just as likely to get crappy over priced bud from either place.
  7. Where I live the Dispensarys are generally cheaper
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    I find that dispensaries are cheaper. I can get an 1/4 of reg and a gram of top shelf for less than $40. When i had to go through my old guy i would have to drop at least $60 on a 1/8 of whatever strain he said he got for me.
  9. For my they are they same price,
    10/g and the same quality.

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