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Street sellers never knowing the strain names??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by broompeople, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Title says it all. How come every time I buy from someone, they never know the exact strain name? How hard is it to remember the name of a strain you're selling lol. Sorry for my ignorance, I'm just curious as to why this always is. I live in New York (no dispensaries) It smokes well and gets me high. Usually looks/feels like an indica. It would just be cool to be able to research the strain before smoking it sometimes.
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  2. Lots of people get it from others who dont care to tell or may not even know themselves.

    If they do then your dealer don't care to ask

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  3. street dealers are simply kiosks for gangs cartels etc. they do what they are told and are disposable. private growers/sellers not found on the streets because they are responsible for thrir own safety and the quality of their product
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  4. My dude gets dank bud, that is as far as I know about it. Until you are going into a dispensary to buy your cannabis, don't expect to know the strain a lot of dudes on the street will just make names up anyway
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  5. I'm in NY and I always know exactly what I'm getting. Keep looking.
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  6. My current plug in NY always gives me proper names and he is usually spot on. My old plug never knew and would always call his boy to find out for me. Was legit, he just didn't care to find out but eventually always would tell me what it was cause he knew I would ask.
  7. I really couldn't care less about the gimmicky name given to my weed. As long as it gets me high I couldn't give a damn.

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  8. What? Haha. Street dealers don't "do what they are told", this isn't "Narcos". Street dealers are people who work at Lowe's, or Wendy's, or work at a factory, and decide to buy in bulk for cheaper and sell it for a profit. They have never met the cartel, they don't answer to anyone, make their own schedules, and certainly aren't a pawn in a grand scheme. They know what they're getting into, and can quit any time. This is silly

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  9. My man's another story he's got a selection all the time cheese lemon haze bubblegum sours NY diesel bang on guy

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  10. Yeah mang, my dealer also knows the strain names and lets me know.
  11. Would you really believe him anyway?
    It's like the poster above stated. They find a good deal on a quantity and sell some of it off. They may have no clue what the strain is or they may find a name that's popular and call it that.
    I have a friend who grows and has a mother plant of an unknown strain. It's killer weed. He calls it
    Eastside Cripple. He lives on the east side of town and his weed will cripple you to where you can hardly walk. We don't care that he made it up. We care that he sells it for $100 an oz and it's amazing.
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  12. I used to help friends out back in the day so that my own smoke could be free. 90% of the time I never knew the strain name because my connect never knew either. When we did know it's because it was coming from out of state and labeled.
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    I used to get it off this guy. That used to tell me everytime all dead serious that his guy bites into the weed with his teeth to make sure it wasn't cut. So it was the best you can get.
    So.. you didn't get the strain, country of origin, indoor or outdoor. Yet it's the "best", great! Hahaha.
  14. My dealer gets stuff from a dispensary he's always got that dank ass platinum og

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  15. This obsession with strain names that younger people have these days is quite odd to many people. Furthermore, too much of the time, strain names are just a marketing ploy that dealers use (on mostly the younger crowd, imo) to make their weed sound cooler than another guys.

    All that matters to me is quality. And the name of a strain says nothing about its quality. Strains also have phenotypes, unless youre dealing with clones, meaning that no plant is alike. sort of like how siblings can have different hair, eyes, etc, not all plants from the same mother are identical.

    If you look up grow journals of one particular strain from one particular breeder, youll find, time and time again, that every batch is different. There are so many variables besides the strain that can affect the outcome of the batch.

    Strain names aren't important to me unless im deciding which plants to grow; in which case, strains are important, because things like general plant size, indica/sativa, photoperiod/auto and other things can make a huge difference in the way the grow progresses, and the needs of the plant along the way. As a consumer, all i care about is how frosty my nugs are. If someone asks me if i want one strain or the other, ill just ask em which is frostier.
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  16. Even if a street dealer did tell you the name of a strain it wouldn't be right half the time.
  17. i saw an inerview with the owner of a company doing genetic testing for growers. he and the growers were suprised by how many "different" strains were genetically identical.
  18. Legit all you hear in NY is "I got that sour" damn well knowing they have no idea what they got. And most of the other names they give are straight up made up out of thin air to sound good lol
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  19. Yeah I had a dealer who I was friends with and is chill at his house and smoke while all the neighborhood kids would come through to buy. He would reup and we'd smoke the new batch and come up with names while we were stoned that sounded cool. He's put orange peels in the pound bags and let it sit for awhile them upsell it as Orange Crush, anything that was Purple instantly became Purple Urkel or Granddaddy Purp, if it smelled rank when smoking it was Cheese, etc.

    Strain names are obsolete unless your weed comes from a dispensary or shipped from legal states with the names on it. Anything else is just marketing strategies.

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  20. Just not a good guy :) Mine had ~10 strains in a duffel bag all labelled in 1/4 oz vac bags and ready to do. Same stuff as dispensaries had if you wanted to cross reference, it always was. Dealers vary in quality just like herb haha
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