Street racer owned by cop on forum

Discussion in 'General' started by k4rts, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. so he was going 90(slowed down to that speed) in a 50mph zone
    and the cop gave him a break and wrote down that he was going too SLOW in a 50 zone

    and the dude is complaining about it too:rolleyes:
  2. That's some funny shit.
  3. Thats kinda weird too what are the chances the same cop was a member of same fourm
  4. by the name of the forums i think its for people who live in orlando
  5. Thats funny reminds me of the one were the guy posted his ugly ass girlfriend with his car lol
  6. Near the end of the thread there's some guy named TheLawyer trying to defend the idiot. It's a good read.
  7. haha god. good find man that was hilarious.
  8. Before I read any more than the first page, is there actually anything more interesting other than the OP and the cop's reply?

    I don't want to read a bunch of idiots saying "OMG pWnAgE!" for 32 pages.
  9. i only read the first dozen pots or so, but that was amazing.
  10. i dont think so.. dont waste your time. haha.
  11. lol it doesn't get much better than that.

  12. First dozen pots? :p
  13. Ha, got a good laugh out of that.

    I bet the OP was shocked haha.

    Nice find.
  14. Methinks its a publicity stunt.....

  15. Read it til end, trust me.
  16. lol what were the odds
  17. lol its far worse than the 1st few pages led me to believe why would OP keep making new accounts if he knows the fail is too epic
  18. That lawyer dude is a moron. Selling a gun on the internet is 100% legal If its in state you can do a face to face meet, out of stay you have to ship to a FFL and they do a background check

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