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  1. So What you guys paying for a full O of the Mary don't ja wanna these days it's rising ridiculously in my area County Durham UK. It's like buying cigerettes keep toking or quit ?????
    Full onze prices 28 grams and are you getting a full 2 grams in a 20 bag. This is the big question
    Would love as many honest replays as possible here ;-)----*#
  2. your writing skills are seriously fucked up. anyway though, the price for an oz varies widely depending where you live. 
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  3. About $175
  4. $300-350
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  5. its getting ridiculously cheap here in SD.

    Im sure I could find it for 175-200.
  6. Too damn much!  :mad:
  7. I live in the Central Valley Cali. Really depends on quality and your current hook up.

    Shitty bud $40-$120 a ounce.

    smokable $150-$180.

    Dank $190- $220.

    Anything above is top shelf.
  8. 280-350 for the o
    No just one g in a dub sack

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  9. Harvest season in Colorado is bringing 1400 per pound right now. Great weed dirt cheap but the competition is furious....
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    mids about 60-80 dank 250-270 just depends who i go thru

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  11. Around $450-480 where I live, depending on quality...

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  12. Anywhere from 270-320 depending on the shop. Some dispensaries sell ounces for 350+.
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    120 high mids and 175-200 for suuuuuper dank Edited to add: after reading replies jesus on a stick!!! where do you guys live???!!! I pay 350 for a qp!!
  14. 200 an o and 350 a cutie. I highly fucking doubt it. Maybe brick weed

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    where do you live, southeast asia or something? 
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  16. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I buy straight from a grower that I have known forever. Three hits and I'm blown! I highly doubt its just brick weed sorry man. 
  17. I can get an oz of ok shit in Central PA - western MD, complete with sticks, stems, seeds, etc for about $130.
    Danky potent shit goes for $320 - $400 around here.
  18. southern Ontario $220-240 CAD ( EXCHANGE TO USD 192.63 -210.14)
  19. Without getting too specific, somewhere in Scandinavia.

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