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  1. so i had these clones on the only side of my house that has total darkness at night. problem is my neighbors to the east are elevated plus with my grapevine in the way the sun doesnt get over there until 10 am. then shade takes over at like 6. my plants seemed to be stuck in limbo growing chutes with new buds...including razor leaves without the 5 points...both vegging and flowering. i narrowed it down to not having enough direct sunlight. but the other side of my house is flooded in street light at night. im hoping that 3 extra hours of direct sunlight will help but im concerned that my plant isnt getting a rest since it isnt ever dark over there. shooting the light isnt an option because as soon as htey come to fix it they would more than likely see my plants.
    my plan is to veg to about 30" then ill get a tarp and flower them manually, im wondering if my plant needs dark or not..i know you can put them in veg 24 hours a day but not sure about switching the light sources from natural to synthetic at ngiht.

    any info or advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. if your flowering them ur self then this streetlight is harm less.r they gane b flowered on the side with streetlight?
  3. i figure ill move them to the dark side of the house when i decide to flower.. or at least move them each night, havnt really thought it all through yet.
    what might you suggest

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