street light Question and weird trail

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by thedon420, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. I'm helping a friend with a small outdoor grow, we planted 8 seeds the middle of very dense woods, and had 2 males and 1 plant died, the rest where female, 4 grew between 6' and 9', andwe have a bitch plant about 8" tall.
    anyways there is a streetlight about away, that is visable from the spot, it's still very dark there at night what effect will this have on the plants' light cycle?
    Also about a week ago, a trail appeared from a nearby bike trail, my friend said his sister saw someone she knows who smokes parked outside the bike trail enterence, what should we do about this? I'm thinking cut the plants a week or 2 early, and put them in distilled water with nutes and grow it hydrophonically on 3-21 cycle, until we're ready to harvest. any other ideas about what to do?

  2. The distant street light is not gonna have any influence at all.
    The trail...well please read how I 'secure' my grow(s) in THIS thread.
  3. My ladies grow near a sodium light 50 feet away, no problem. Remember, MJ evolved under a bright moon.

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