Street Fighter 4 National Tourny

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    maybe if i actually feel like im good after i get it, prolly not tho

    can't wait til tueseday
  2. i love street fighter but im not good enough to qualify for one of those tournaments.
  3. I'll be showing up just to see if I can wind up with a new fightstick. :)
  4. what charaters do you guys use?
    I wish i had a 3rd gen system so I could play it at home..
  5. xbox 360 only 200$ now

    get your money up!
  6. \

    I hope to get good with Abel
  7. I suck at games to much to play in a tourniment, but I've had this pre-ordered since about November. Printed up a list of character moves a little while ago, and I'm going on my lunch break to pick the game up. Probably won't be long after that before I clock myself the fuck out and go home and play this.
  8. just picked up mine :hello:

    STUPID ASS MOTHER FUCKING GAMESTOP said that it not comin out till tomorrow, maybe thursday. :mad::mad:

    I'm going walmart to see if they got it.
  10. I went at lunch and Game Crazy didn't have their shipment yet. Going to call them at my next break and see if they got it yet.
  11. I just bought it for my 360. It's probably one of the most frustrating things I've ever played, but it's a great fucking game, nonetheless. Blanka's my guy.
  12. Got my pre-order, waiting for it to come in the mail.

    I wish I could go back in time to when I rocked at street fighter, those were the day. Made you feel like a god.
  13. Im going to it, im sure i'll be in the top 5 in Illinois. Practice makes perfect!!!
  14. this game is awesome
    only game i play besides L4D
    i'm good with ken but like playing with dhalsim using the teleport and shit
  15. Lol, me and my buddy were sitting there for a while trying to get Akuma and we had no idea what the fuck we were doing. I just figured out how to do Ultra Combos, so now I fucking rape and I got Akuma by myself. I have to unlock Gouken.
  16. Everyone add me Morrissey on the PSN
  17. gotta say sagat and ken are hella cheap. so is akuma. rofl i use all 3.
  18. Does it cost money to compete in the tournament? Me and a friend were talking about going to try and do it but I don't know. I get nervous and can't concentrate on the game when somebody is standing over my shoulder watching what I'm doing...

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