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Discussion in 'General' started by JuicyJBB, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Getting in a fight tomorrow and would like some last minute tips and advice if possible. Always stuff to learn and I wouldn't mind learning a few things before the fight tomorrow.
  2. make sure they don't have weapons.

    Dude I would be careful man. I've seen people get stabbed or shot cause they lost a fight.
  3. pack a heater.
    other than that, fight like all hell, and get your ass back up no matter how hard you got hit. also maybe bring a crew in case he gets pretty and has some guys jump in.
  4. always be on the offensive.. scream your fucking head off and put the look of rage on your face.. never relent. There are no cheap shots in street fights so a nut shot can be the softening blow that will set up your opponent for the knockout shot.
  5. it really depends who you're playing as. i'd personally go with blanka or dhalsim
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  6. i still remember the button combination for the hundred hand slap
  7. mortal kombat > street fighter
    not my much, but ill take mk.
  8. I still remember how to lock up the machine with Guile and his so called invisible handcuffs.
  9. I'm just going in swinging and attempting to slam his face off the wall. That's my main goal to be honest. I really just want to slam his face off the wall very hard. I don't think I'll lose this but I'm very open minded so I don't know what's going to happen. I think I'll win.
  10. there is no try, do or do not
  11. and theres nothing like repeatedly shocking people with blanka :devious:
  12. Street fights have no rules. Play dirty and expect dirty. Keep your eye's open for weapons and keep your center of gravity firm but loose. If you see a punch coming at your face and have the time to do so, side step it slightly, grab his wrist and use his force against him, a slight flick of your wrist in the direction of his momentum will send him pretty much flying. Stomp a foot get him to flinch downward and put a knee in his face. Ballz a little on the pussy, but if he's bigger than you, you might want to consider it. Past that I can't help. Dad is a retired Seal, all I ever got taught was weapons. Staffs and knifes..and a bunch of fire arms training,,
  13. I'm not hitting him in the balls. I just want to hurt him bad by going all out on his face and body. I hope I'm as pissed when I fight him as I am now.
  14. Firearm is one word, genius.

  15. bwahahaha
  16. lolz.
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    Who Pissed in your Cheerios. You 're just full of criticism tonight.
    Excuse the fact that I may type fast at times and get ahead of myself.
    For your sake, so as to avoid any further confusion or frustration this may have caused you.
    I will from this day forward, look back on all my posts and make sure it is grammatically correct for you. I would hate to be the contributer to any further of your brain cells burning out simply from trying to correct things for me in a forum mind you, not a class or a college essay of any kind. But yes a simple forum where apparently we must be politically correct and perfectly in tune with our grammar.

    Thank you for catching such a HUGE mistake on my part..
  18. Not being an ass, just being sarcastic. I meant the above in a humorous way.
    Don't take it the wrong way...
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    one way to win a fight, positive mindstate, keep your eyes on his eyes, you should get an idea of where hes going to hit or aiming if hes inexperienced ( sounds like you are aswell ) and always watch for them dropping their guard, if they're open jab or swing with your shoulder to the nose, his eyes will water, smack him in the ribs when he grabs his face and/or go for the knees once they are feeling some pain, hit the spots the will immobilize him a bit so you can lay the smack down on that fool.
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