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strawberry trainwreck

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by thirdworldarmy, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. anyone know where i can get seeds for this strain?
  2. try www.primoseeds.com they have strawberry cough and might be working on a strawberry x trainwreck in the next few months or so
  3. Trainwreck is a clone only plant, so finding seeds for it or a cross containing it seems difficult imo. Kind of like the whole G13/OG Kush thing, clone only seeds are hard to come by

    But seedboutique.com and drchronic.com both have strawberry cough too...

    And by the way, i've smoked strawberry cough... it's some really good stuff.
    I wouldnt say it tastes like a strawberry, but it tastes VERY sweet and fruity - i guess thats what a strawberry tastes like??

    The buds I had were fluffy, not sure if thats the strain or the grower though
  4. yes and primo has strawberry cough as well i beleave the breeder lives in the states so he just has to drive cross country to get a few clones then hes up and running
  5. they have these beans at 3rd coast compassion
  6. wow.. total necro.

    I'm impressed with search skills.
  7. instead of , or in addition to canna'myth buster , there could be a need for necro(zombie) slayer?
  8. nah..

    seriousness... I'm impressed it was searched, think I even rep'd 4 it.

    EDIT ..nope I hadn't .. but that's taken care of now.

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