Strawberry diesel Chiesel and dawg 100gal bed

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  1. Here is my grow 2
    Same soil recipie as my bz Rolex same batch too just all in 1 bed
    This bed had same story as my other
    except these plants was in the sodium soil, that island plant in the middle was one that was rooted so hard I couldn’t uproot it the other little ones at edge are the same age but had root burns bad and had to heal in 10l pots first , then into the bed they have thrived lush green growth NO purple stems just green which means I can push K now for flower woooohooooooo

    this is what my grows normaly look like here’s my true reflection lol my other diary is a scary bomb I love organics but ferts are easier lol I hate them somuch now haha snob nose them all

    @Organic sinse 1003795[/URL]]@TimJ @BrassNwood hope you and many other can enjoy this

    only difference in my other grow is they have root bound 50l soil pots
    Featuring my self made leds which outperform my hlg leds hehe proud of that
    This is my confusion haha look at this

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  2. Very nice plants @2cent420.
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  3. Looking great for sure.. I'm off again and all I can do I look at them from the back yard security camera. I did get all the veg plants transplanted so they will be fine for a few weeks unattended.

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  4. Haha no way garden cams …dude I wouldn’t do anything but watch em, baby cams I might get one now just for giggles , I have thought to do a Timelapse , just need a bigger memory card and will do for flower I think , got a nice hd 4k sports cam with Timelapse

    @TimJ thanks you Tim just pinned her down under a screen wondering howlong she will stretch so I can get some colas through at least 6inch before the end of stretch
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  5. C0E38A89-25F8-4323-8DDD-0AAF1B3A44D2.jpeg FC17DE47-8C25-4893-B4EE-A893F6E1CA39.jpeg 10BD0B6A-69CB-4C66-9B5C-DF0F6FD8B2CA.jpeg Convinced this must be genetic , when I uprooted them I lost labels lol so I know what’s there but unsure if the middle is Chiesel or strawberry diesel , strawberry strains can be purple to guessing she there but not stretching like I thought she would if is lol other be plants uneffected though

    man’s my males
    When is this upload pic bug getting fixed I can’t share my best photos
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  6. Purple coming in now heavy we are day 28 and going great , there was a thrip and fung gnat problems so at 14days I used prythrum which does 17days under artificial lights , fly traps and kinda keeping the corner plant as a sacrificial plant as that’s what it is attacking so she is just a target to keep my monster free,

    going to make a tea up now
    Ewc , soft rock phos , sulphate of potash , the srf has ca which will support the sop and will be a weak pk for them microbes to digest

    for sativa Dom there has been no stretch what so ever which I am sad about
    Also sad I can’t upload my last 3 pics when is this bug getting fixed 26C96E82-47D1-4421-A5B1-E6C0BFA09AB5.jpeg
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  7. Looking good @2cent420.
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  8. Bout a week off now starting the rebud cycle smells bad ass
    Although I don’t know how this purple strain got in my mix ,it’s exactly like the pink lemonade I grew few grows ago …but I didn’t have cuts of it so how I don’t know I cracked beans lol and non was purple
    Well nevermind it’s the mrs fave to smoke so she will be happy

    also seeds are huuge and tri shaped like buckwheat

    upload bug again E0EAB19C-B6ED-4196-B5D1-087E504F928E.jpeg
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  9. Can’t upload my pics ffs
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  10. Purple stil 2 pic short it’s like catch phrase 1squarw at a time

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  11. The wicked old witch is down wooo time to rebuild remix and send Logan labs off a sample paste test etc
    2A174815-03FB-4DE9-ACAB-BF707C688AC8.jpeg F377CC4E-5ED2-4493-A854-245043C5BDB4.jpeg 731E4080-224D-4A7A-9B51-321ACF48EF9C.jpeg 7ABE5A1C-E600-4AD9-8DC3-E0FABD2027D7.jpeg
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  12. Very nice. Can we play guess the dried and cured weight? ;):rolleyes:

    Im at 16oz, but 20 wouldnt surprise me if the buds were super dense.
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