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strawberry cough!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by djwade1234, May 8, 2011.

  1. picked up some of this today! cant wait to smoke this up with the homies later tonight :smoke:

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  2. enjoy it man, looks dank! i've wanted to try strawberry cough ever since i saw the scene in Children of Men where they smoke a joint of it (great movie btw) :smoke:
  3. I love the taste of strawberry cough, it tastes so flavorfull and delicous....i miss it lol
  4. Very dank! Delicious!
  5. I have some of this right now.. Amazing what part of US you located
  6. Looks very dank. Haven't come across some SC in a bit :/ its a shame
  7. Had some strawberry cough last week shit went quick.Definetly a good smoke.
  8. I want to eat it :smoke:
  9. been getting this stuff, it stinks to high heaven, my mother and i love it.
  10. Hard to find some good strawberry cough these days (if any at all)...with the rise in popularity of the many kushes and "OG's" out's hard to come by some good classic medicine like this very tasty and aromatic strain.

    If I can find some old pics I will add to the post later!!

  11. Same for me, ever since that movie... hahah
  12. haha yea my friend has been telling me about this strain for awhile and we found it a local club so we had to get at least a little taste, im in the central valley of california btw

  13. Not a bud shot, but almost! This is a harvested strawberry cough from a year or two ago...gotta love the colors:

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