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strawberry cough

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by em2boi, May 27, 2010.

  1. this is some good bud great taste and high

  2. Nice, I'm growing some at the moment :cool:
  3. This is the first dank strain that i smoked.Good stuff, and wonderful smell.

    Hotbox a room in your house, walk out of your room for like 2 mins, then walk back in and you get the best smell EVER.haha:smoking::smoking:
  4. yeah this shit is so flame and the smell is amazing
  5. Looks pretty bomb, thanks for sharing :smoking:
  6. Wishh we got some fruity exotics here in the NY. All I've been picking up is danky kush, and occasional sours.
  7. no problem for a fellow floridian
  8. You gotta find the right guy. Im in NY and ive had strawberry cough before and a few other fruity strains. But yea all thats basically in ny is diesels and sours and kushes it seems. BTW nice bud, looks soooo nice! enjoy
  9. hahaha strawberry cough kicked my ass about 5-6 years ago when i was 15, bought a 20 sack from this kid i had hung with a few times, went home and decided to smoke a bowl before bed....shit knocked me out, literally, i woke up in the computer chair i had puffed in hahha, i had only been puffing for a few months at that point tho. Got some from the dispensary a bit ago, didnt do anywhere near the same shit hahahaha, damn tolerance
  10. damn bro...

    i smoked some all organic strawberry cough a little over a year ago...its some fuckin dro
  11. ^^^its only dro if its grown hydro....when did dro become a coinage for quality?
  12. Nice, thanks for sharing :smoking::smoking:
  13. i just squirted

  14. I had some a couple weeks ago and it glued me to the couch.

    It looks exactly like what I picked up. Enjoy it brother!

  15. It has in a way become a term to express quality. This has come from stupid people. Apparently they dont realize its possible to hyDROponically grow schwag.
  16. Ha! Talk about some low scale dank :laughing:
  17. LOL + rep because i saw that shit he said in your other thread hahaha pwned
  18. Pwned for sure
  19. smoked some of this about a year ago

    had me higher than ive ever been

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