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  1. I am wanting to order the Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough from Attitude Seeds Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough Feminized. Has anyone grown this strain? Well, was it Strawberry Cough? I mean was the proper taste there ? Thanks for the info.

    On a second thought, Does anyone know where I can get the Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough? Is the KKSC the same as the Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough?:smoking:
  2. IMHO I don't believe DP's strawberry cough is the original or even really close to it.. I'd say KKSC was much closer to the original than DP's even comes close too.. DP's versin was very disappointing to say the least, and the only decent sources I can say for a good SC is through clones only nowadays.
  3. Man, I hate to hear that. I found a High Times review of Strawberry Cough. They did mention the Dutch Passion version as being the only SC seeds available, however, nobody has given much opinion of the DPSC flavor.
  4. I havent grown it out personally but I've tasted multiple grows worth of it and find the flavor leaving something to be desired and the buds on the lanky side even when grown with lots of that TLC stuff that only homegrown can get.
  5. dutch passion strawberry cough isnt the real cough. the Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough can be obtained in clones and from what i know IS the real strawberry cough
  6. Thanks man, I guess I will go check the dispensaries. :wave:
  7. hey prpl, what did you find out?
    i'm actually really interested in strawberry cough for my next grow, after seeing it mentioned the the movie "children of men". i read that it's a really low-paranoia, very uplifting strain, and the taste is great...did you end up finding any clones? i rarely hear people talk about this strain on GC... *shrugs*
  8. Dont get to caught up in the genetic jargon. There is something to it but not if your like me and just want results.
  9. Ya man, sad to say, I have not quite pinned down any Cough yet. I have found noting but poor reviews of the Dutch Passion Strawberrry Cough, saying that there is little to no strawberry taste to it. I am sure it is good smoke though. I saw that I dispensary in Denver had some Strawberry Caugh clones for sale, but I have not had the chance to check them out. Best I can tell you is check a dispensary near you, because that is the only place to fine the Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough.

    I'm talking about results I am looking for strawberry cough, the taste. I have plenty of good weed growing, check my journal. I am have no problem getting smoke, but I do have a problem finding the strawberry flavor that I am looking for. so, genetic jargon is not what has me stuck, it is my search for the best smoke I can get my hands on :D
  10. ah, i'm in asia so the chances of a dispensary are none :(, you colorado kidz got it so nice, especially boulder.

    yea, same here, though, i'm not just looking for some good smoke, i want to see how it tastes. i looked for some in amsterdam last time but couldn't find any. i was hoping to mix it up with some blueberry in my next grow and then have a real fruity strong sativa and strong indica high at the same time.:D
  11. I grew Blackberry from The Sativa Seedbank which they say is a cross between Black Domino and Nirvana's Raspberry Cough.

    I dont know anything about their genetic backgrounds but the plant was very productive with a nice spicey berry smell.

    The Sativa Seedbank also sells Raspberry Cough on it own.

    Maybe worth a look if you havent already.

  12. Wait I think I fucked up, your after strawberry not Raspberry.
  13. Potatoes potatos

    Tomatoes tomatos :)

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