Strawberry Cough

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  1. Wondering if anyone has anymore info on the Strawberry Cough strain aside from what the seed banks have to say about it. Smoke, yield, plant size?
  2. this is some i picked up over the summer.
    lookin at a quarter

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  3. im not one too judge, but that looks like some mids i get here in lansing.
  4. naw. the pic is a macro on my computer.
    GC made it smaller.

    that shit was raw dope
  5. SC is one of the yummiest strains ever, both in smell and taste... and it packs quite a punch, too :smoke:

    and btw that stuff in the pic has almost the same colour i got it in in holland... :D
  6. aye, pretty much everything they say about it is true, including low yield. no problem though, it's worth it.
  7. yea, i've heard it's quite a bitch to grow properly
  8. SC is my favorite strain. Not really hard to grow but not easy either. Always available locally and the taste and smell are like no other weed. I have some right now. Highly reccomended
  9. Every time I see Strawberry Cough I think of the movie Children of Men. Always wanted to try it after that movie...
  10. same here:) looks similar to the strawberry cough i got in NC, very nice smell, and definetly hits ur chest hence "cough". great smoke, grow it!:smoking:
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    What is considered low yield? Does anyone have a grow thread?
  12. I am growing strawberry cough right now.
    if you wanna check it click the link in my sig
  13. I have never grown SC but there is some around my area but the buds are kind of wispy and airy which in turn is kind of harsh. Could just be the grower though and I am not getting it at its best. The Lemon G was the same way. I would like to try some grown hydro under multiple HID lights so I would know for sure.

  14. that movie is badass

    "now cough... what do you taste?" I can't believe they snuffed that dude lol
  15. I have grown SC from dutch passion seeds twice now, and i plan on doing it again, starting it at the begining of feb. and doing an indoor journal on it if the thread started is interested.
    With that said, the first time i grew SC i was also growing Big Bud from nirvana and the difference in yeild with those two strains was amazeing lol. SC is more for a personal blow your mind kind of smoke, which it does, and Big Bud is more of a commercial i can yeild 4 oz's off of a plant that was vegged for 2 months kind of plant, which it does.
    SC's potencey is amazeing, visuals are amazeing from the begining of flower to the end, the color changes on the entire plant not to mention trichs and budmass in general are lovely. When it comes down to the smoke, it was mind blowing in taste and smell, and like i already said, i was very impressed with the potencey. I would suggest SC to anyone, its yeilds arnt bad at all but arnt anything great, but when you are growing a strain like this, you are growing it for the above listed things.... its STRAWBERRY COUGH, not skunk 11 lol.
    The strain was a bit challangeing to grow, i wouldnt try to take clones unless you really know what you are doing, i found during both grows that SC is a bit fussy when it comes to nutes also so be careful.
    1. I had a buddy grow some the taste is awsome & gives you good uplifting high
  16. You were able to get 4 oz's from a single SC plant? Did you grow in dirt or hydro?
  17. no dude he was saying thats big bud.
    sc is much less but more potent.

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