strawberry cough with pics

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  1. my grow cab is 5'3"x2'8"x4'foot is lit by 400 watt hortilux on a light rail and has supulmental lighting by 4 135 circular flouresants i'm just getting the seedling's big enough to take cuttings from since i prefer to use the plant from seed as the mother and so far all 4 are girls willpost more pics tomarrow of the rest of my nutes

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  2. very nice... big healthy fan leaves. heard that was a really nice strain as well. could you take a pic of those flourescents and explain more what they are? picking up one of those might be useful for me to use as lighting for clones in a bit.
  3. it'll have to be when i get to barrow a cam next week but they are 6500 k colar temp model number is ?2830 the circle around 3 or 4 times they are like 10 or 12 dollars not sure of the first number as i cut the package they screw into a regular fixture hope this helps i use to use the big circle flouresants then i seen these and they make a big differance
  4. thanks. where could I find them?
  5. wal-mart
  6. eh, they definitely don't have those at my walmart... unless they are in a different section of the store... the best i found there in the light bulb section was the soft white brand 26w spiral CFL's....
  7. if i rember right thats the 100 watt equivelent my wal-mart don't have them all the time just 2 or 3 here and there just keep checking back that's what i had to do took me 3 trips to get 4 of them
  8. was able to take 5 more cuttings last night 2 of the first 4 died before they could root so i added more perlite to see if it help's these root faster
  9. heres some pics of 2 of my strawberry cough mothers

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  10. Here again, why are we growing that large of a plant in a dixie cup??
  11. to make you ask questions working to ain't it here's a few pics from a friend at homegrown bud maybe you can explaine how this happend in such small pots one is in a 16 oz cup the other is in 1 tablespoon of soil and they are from seed
    and here's what you should be asking how do you get 80% females while useing such small pots but to anwser your question of why such small pots becuase i can why dont you ? anwser becuase you can't

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  12. LOL trust me i can, i just dont see the sence in growing an entire tree for that little of smoke.. but hey to each his own.

    PS dont need to know how to get 80% females, im a little more advanced that to have to start from seeds every grow.
  13. most not of seen my read this or any of the other threads i put up i just got theses seeds in and started 5 of each from 13 strains and when almost all turned out to be female instead of throwing away females that could be very potant i chose to keep them in smaller pots and flower the clones while keeping the original mothers but hey you must be magic to never have to germ new genetics when your plants die or get to the point where you can't get good quality clones from anymore what your secret dude i want to know how you never have to germ seeds
  14. and you mustnot know the trick of keeping plants in smaller containers so they don't streach when put to flower then after the streach is over they go into 1 gallon pots

  15. Wow...

    Attitude check?
  16. yes i've been know to get a tude when the same person asks the same question in more than 1 thread like what do people think that it will get a differant responce or what
  17. uh oh he's callin you out dier betta show that man why they call you the wolf lol just playin lets just get along people we all mature growers in here :smoking:
  18. LOL, I'll let him be.

    As your answer was to another user that asked you why multiple threads for the same grow, well there you have it thats why its asked multiple times.
  19. Never said i never had to Germ Seeds.. I did it for years then smartened up.

    Its no big secret, its called a perpetual grow.

    Get the strain you like (from seed)
    get a mother, clone it, flower the mother, veg the clones, prior to flowering the clones take more clones.

    Its taht simple, so no you NEVER get to a point where you cant take good clones anymore.

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