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Strawberry Cough Review

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by CaliCoast, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Picked up 1/8th of Strawberry Cough from a cannabis club and thought I would share my review of the strain. Anybody else that has something to add, please feel free.

    It seems that there is a lot of buzz about Strawberry Cough and after smoking it I realized why. If you have seen "Children of Men" you probably remember Michael Caine's character smoking people out, telling them to cough and then asking them what they taste. Strawberries!? As most people know, no marijuana will taste like you stuffed your face in fresh fruit when smoked but there are definite undertones and subtle hints of strawberries. The taste is light and smooth. I was not disappointed.

    The high was buzzy, happy, no paranoia and anti-anxiety. I experienced a medium body high that felt like my upper arms were tingling. Very enjoyable. I also noticed that the high hit me faster than other strains of weed I have tried in the past. I only smoked about half of a joint which kept me high for about 2-3 hours.

    Finally added the fucking images:hello:



  2. what in the hell is a cannabis club and how do I join??? :eek:
  3. It's basically a slang term for a medical marijuana dispensary. Since I live in CA, patients with certain illnesses can obtain a doctors recommendation for medical MJ use. You will need to be currently treated for your illness and it is even better if you have a history of treatment. Depending on where you live, check this forum and the internet for your state program and doctors that specialize in medical MJ recommendations.
  4. rofl, all you gotta do is move to medical MJ legal state, then have sex with a monkey and get aids!

    or go to California, they are much more lenient with their prescriptions.:D if only i lived there my back pains/ insomnia could be stopped legally. and i could get something besides mids all the damn time.:mad:

    in a club, do u have to pay for the goods, or is it tax funded. ive always wondered.
  5. Only in my pipe dreams would the goods be free and tax payer funded. It costs a little more than average but definitely worth it to me. Although you do have to pay sales tax on your goods. Hey, maybe my med costs are tax deductable (sarcasm).

    Sorry guys, this is a Strawberry Cough review not a Med Card thread.
  6. absolutely the best weed i have smoked in my four years as a stoner.
  7. strawberry cough was the first strain i shared with my college stoner friends. while not the best strain i've smoked, it was definatly enjoyable. i agree with you that it seemed to hit me sooner than a lot of other strains. also, try smoking strawberry cough through a vaporizer. the taste is amazing!
  8. strawberry cough is amazing. a friend of mine is getting this shit mailed to him from cali, he even has the club bags still. i will have to post some pics before i smoke it all.

    ps. it smells soooo good
  9. Yeah there is a lot of Strawberry Cough going around Cali right now. I just haven't had my hands on any yet. Sounds rather good and I would definately want to try it out.
  10. i felt happy after i smoked it
  11. very good strain.

    one of my favs
  12. can you buy the seeds online ?????

  13. yes sirr you can.

    most likely you should visit the seed bank area of this messageboard to find legit companies
  14. yea, or 300$ and a doctor thats easy. one of the news stations did a story on Medical cards in CA, and the reporter got a card in about 3hours and 300$.
  15. Yah thats some prime smoke. Tastes real fruity. I got an amazing eighth of some a few weeks ago at the Hayward co-op.
  16. What going down strawberry cough lovers? Just wanted to let yall know that I am putting all my smoke reviews in my blog here at GC. Wanted to put them all in one place. Happy Blazin!
  17. sounds dope.

    that's how ya do it! give details. i fekkin' HATE it when people say
    "man this shit is dank!"
    and think they've just given a smoke report.

    it's nice to see people use freakin' ADJECTIVES when describing a buzz. now if everyone else would just do the same, you could actually research strains and not have to deal with 99.999999% spam.

    thanks a bunch for giving a proper lowdown on that under-reported strain. :):):):):)
  19. I just smoked 2 bowls of strawberry cough and I'm already high as a does seem to have some fruity taste to it and the smoke is very smooth and pleasant. I also seem to have some tingling in my arms as it gives a nice body high :D. I picked up a 1/4 for $110 from my dealer who had just picked up from a clinic in Santa Barbara...its a pretty dank herb. k im gonna go smoke some more now.:smoke:
  20. one of the best ive ever had.

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