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strawberry cough pickup

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jlemauk, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. this Thursday I\'m getting a deal, pretty much directly from \"the guy\".

    Strawberry cough, as much as i can afford, $200 American a zip. Says it\'s very legit, and my buddy has known this guy for A LONG while, says that he is straight up with everything.

    This is an insane deal in my area, an oz of headies for $200 is unheard of. Could yield $400, a 100% return rate i do believe. [COLOR=\"Red\"]*DEALING TALK NOT ALOUD* [/COLOR]

    mm, life is soooo good. :smoking:

    *Edit: Will get pictures for friday of atleast one of the zips, he says it\'s all real fluffy nuggets*
  2. re-write that part about distribution you can get banned for talking about dealing.
  3. dude, that\'s an incredible fucking deal. wow, if it\'s legit that\'s the best deal ever. btw, on a side note, how come i\'ve never heard of this strain before children of men? :confused: also, did g13 exist b4 american beauty? i didn\'t smoke back b4 the movie came out, so i wouldn\'t know.
  4. i didnt talk about dealing at all. I talked about how much i bought it for.
  5. ^ i notice you edited it and changed the words from sell to move... just a fair warning, the mods will still consider this trafficking talk. it sucks i know, just warning you.
  6. very nice.

    i lika sex. :smoking:
  7. alright borat show us the money shots
    edit- nvm, was stoned n totally bypassed the whole thursday part...yeah, its only early tuesday mornin. my bad
  8. you\'re still stoned - it\'s early wednesday morning :wave:
  9. pictures comin\' tomorrow or friday son get ready for the deliciousness. :smoking:
  10. I thought you could talk about dealing, but not make deals.
  11. You may talk of neither.
  12. Make sure you front him the money, it\'s legit remember?

  13. I\'m glad our mods know how to spell allowed
  14. i belive that that would be a 200% return. 100% would be getting the exact amount you paid for it back.
  15. yeah it would be that\'s what i thought when i read it.. If you got it for that cheap why wouldn\'t you just smoke it all if it\'s actually legit.

  16. that wasnt written by a mod, mods always put their names by things they edit

    ....So you made a thread to tell us your making a pick up in a week?? why not just wait till you get it to tell us. Your 200$ deal is absolutely worthless if you havent bought it yet
  17. your an asshole. :hello:

    anyways, i don\'t just smoke it all myself because then I\'d have to pay to smoke this week, and I\'d rather smoke for free. This should turn into a weekly routine soon enough, so I\'ll have it all the time.

    *Edit: and why the fuck is the guy above me being such a dick too? common grasscity, why do you need to flame the shit out of me for nothing...

    And yeah, i DID NOT put that dealing thing in there, so, unless somebody else is going into my account and just editing ONE post to say that, then yes, it was done by a mod
  18. you think the guy your getting it from doesn\'t know its worth 400? im pretty sure your getting beat be careful
  19. my guy is a close as it gets to the source. ;)
  20. im not tryin to be a dick im just wondering why there is a thread about a strawberry cough pickup that hasnt even taken place yet?? wont happen till next week?? this thread sounds like a gossip colum or something. Id really like to see some pics of a pick up you know?? not hear about how your gonna pick something up next week :confused:

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