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Strawberry Cough pickup.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Nash92, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Looks diggidy dank
  2. Dopest dope I ever scoped.
  3. Thanks everyone. It's really dank- I'm definitely tryin to make it last. :smoke:
  4. [quote name='"Nash92"']

    Oh believe me, it's amazing.:D So much so that I'm not smoking as much of it, and finishing off this purple kush.:smoke:[/quote]

    Aww man ..... Tell me is the smoke thick?

  5. Yeah it is. The smoothness is great! Feels like I'm practically just inhaling air and getting stoned.:smoke::smoke::smoke: I've been alternating though, cause I'm tryin to make this SC last as long as possible. :bongin: :D:cool:
  6. I got the idea to cultivate Strawberry cough from the film "Children Of Men" where Micheal Caine is an old hippie that grows it.
    I also got the idea for Mr Nice from "American Beauty", Spacey got sold G13. And I looked for G13 seeds online but there is none. All I could find is Mr Nice which is G13x Hash plant. I got those instead, most expensive seed too, 15 euro a pop.
  7. SC is the perfect sativa. No anxiety/paranoia whatsoever.
  8. Nice! I love the cough!
  9. Strawberry cough is dank!
  10. Thanks all! It's great! :smoke: I'm glad it's so well received. :bongin:
  11. The first time I ever got high was from Strawberry Cough. Haven't been able to find it ever since.
  12. [quote name='"goonas"']The first time I ever got high was from Strawberry Cough. Haven't been able to find it ever since.[/quote]

    Damn man! Keep looking! :D It'll definitely be worth the wait once you do find it. :smoke:
  13. #33 Nash92, Aug 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2012
    Got a new batch. :smoke:



    Plus some Chocolope!!!


  14. Nice ...... I just renewed my rec and this clinic near me has sc but most of their weed isn't flushed .........

    But I'm gonna take the risk now an get at least a gram ...... I hope it's as good as yours ....... Hopefully when I go they still have it , if not I'll looks elsewhere and I'll post when I do finally get some sc

    The chocolope looks bomb

  15. Very nice! Good luck on your quest!:D In my experience Strawberry Cough has never let me down. The big difference I've found, is there's a much more potent strawberry taste in better developed batches- but the high is always superb.:smoke:

    The Chocolope was bomb indeed, it's another one of my favorites; but I also yet to find a sativa I dislike, haha.

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