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StrawBerry Cough *MACROS*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Tr3-0, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hey GC.

    Here Goes.

    StrawBerry Cough.
    1. Like fruit scent, before and after burning. <--Very Nice​
    2. Small compact buds, but not too compact, Prefect density.​
    3. It's got a cream pink tint to it as well.​
    4. Sativa 80%, and Indica 20%​
    The Smoke.
    1. Smokes beautifully, When exhaling it tastes as if you're chewing Trident gum.​
    2. Burns smooth, it's not harsh at all, very relaxing.​
    3. "It's too pretty to smoke!" whats' i've been told.​
    Oh and you can start salivating now, Enjoy:wave:
  2. pretty good pick up man, but i highly doubt your realistic. Ur saying it tastes like trident gum? Thats pretty much impossible dude. But the bud looks good.
  3. I don't know what ^^ that dude is talking about, great bud man :smoke:
  4. agreed. the one time i had it, it was delicious!
  5. yeah i smoked some orange cough a couple of weeks ago and it was really fucking good, that strawberry cough looks dank though:)
  6. I love strawberry cough. Whenever it comes around I always try to atleast grab a zip. nice pickup!
  7. Nice pickup OP, sounds great :smoke:. To S1Toker, maybe you should crawl out of your cave and smoke some real dank...they have bud that tastes like chocolate nowadays man,...and I mean naturally tastes that way. I just had lemon diesel that tastes like sour lemon candy.
  8. Wow those are some nice buds.
  9. i got a few seeds of that stain :D cant wait to grow it looks bomb
  10. nice dude . strawberry cough is probably my favorite weed
  11. Nah man you definatly gotta get your hands on this then, IT SO DOES TASTE LIKE THAT.:smoke:
    I gotta try that Lemon man, sounds outrageous!

    Ha, fa sho dude, send me some pics of the future babys:D

    Thats cool man. I like it A LOT! but i think Chocolope or "D-Line" is my raining champ.

    Thanks for all the feedback guys~ much appreciated.
    Happy tokin':smoke:
  12. I don't know if it's me or the lighting, but i've never seen anything like it
  13. ive never ever ever had the pleasure of smoking strawberry cough.. God im depressed.
  14. looks dank.
    we just had a little cough a week or so ago.. mine smelled like strawberry fruity fresh plant smell.. tasted like strawbery plant matter.. massive expansion.
    yessir, a pretty tasty strain
  15. Right man? I mean i've tasted lots of Marijuana but this shit is Fruity!
  16. I like blueberry papers

  17. I don't get it? SPAM? or just Random? lol either way i like em' too.
  18. you're doing all this talk about fruity weed and this is my fav way to get my fruit fix :)
  19. Looks Delicious. Nice pick up.
  20. ahhh dude! theres nothing like OG taste though man. if u ever can u gotta get some original fruity buds man, no comparison.
    but to each man his own i guess. But yeah smoke good weed inside those papers and you'll probably have a fruit explosion in yo' mouth.

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