Strawberry cough bud pics!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by crzayboy420, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Just some pics of my flowering area and some strawberry cough buds 3 1/2 weeks old...still about a month left...

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  2. Oh my! Very nice,happy plants. I have some strawberry cough at seedling stage.
  3. plants look great....not much height left..scrog would kill this on yeild though.....what are ya usin' for bud plumpin'...unsulphered molassas is great and i use big bloom....beastie bloom and bloombastic..fat sweet sticky buds...keep up the good work:smoke:
  4. thanks...theres also one haze plant in the back but since its flowering time is a month and a half longer its kinda gettin neglected for have a question also...i just built a screen for a scrog on my next far away should the screen be from my lights...i have good ventilation so heats not an issue...j/w...i'm thinkin bout 12 inches away...
  5. just molasses and a tea that i make from worm castings and bat guanas...gonna be upgrading to better nutes next grow...
  6. for my scrog the screen was 14 inch above pot rims and the light was about 18 inch above want even light to cover the entire screen
  7. Nice man I really like your set up, what wattage lights u using?
  8. Forgot to ask, do you know the origin of your cough? Mine is from Dutch Passion.
  9. yeah...what you runnin' up top???:confused: and i always love it when plants get hidden in my tent...shows somethin' growin..
  10. lookin reallll good in there my dude, i just harvested some of dp's strawberry cough, its pretty bomb, im kinda in love with it
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    it totals 485 watts...210 hps...275mh...i know, i know...should be more red than blue light but light broke and using old lights had layin around...gettin new 600 watt hps for next grow...mayb even 1000 watt...
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    and no...don't know one seed from a friend and cloned the hell out of acually came from a strawberry cough plant that my friend had that hermied and pollenated the couple other plants (all strawberry cough) he had and i took one of the seeds...
  13. i have a 6 ft tall Strawberry cough that my fav strain
  14. it's been one of my biggest yielders so far
  15. Great looking plants.
  16. Thats soo siiiick I love that cabinet.
  17. thanks...hollowed out an old cabinet i had...cost about 135 dollars total and a days work... thats with an inline fan and duct muffler and mylar
  18. What does SCROG means? Or what is it? I am sorry, I am a Beginner, and trying to get as much info as possible!!! I am going to buy some books also!!
  19. scrog is short for screen of the forums for it...i'm sure theres alot of info...
  20. another many plants should i have in it better for yeild to just pack it full(like 15 pots will fit) and just get alot of big tops...or to just grow like 2-3 so they get more light and fill out more...

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