Strawberry Cough and Hashplant.....

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  1. Two great strains, ill pull up a chair, alittle more information would be nice for the viewers :D
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    My setup is a Homebox L about 4x4x72 400 Watt Hps with hortilux and MH Conv Bulb,
    260 CFM inline fan to a can 2600 carbon filter for odor control. This isn't my first grow but is my first in the last 5 years. The Strains im working with are Strawberry Cough and Hashplant. My two favorites. Nutes so far are GH Flora 3 part and Kool Bloom for flowering, Soil is Miracle Gro non fert Organic 1:1 Pearlite. I have been feeding the babies 1/8 sterngth micro and gro.
    Thinking about getting some superthrive also. plants will be transpotted to 3 gal grow bags. aiming for 8oz of personal smoke every 3 months or so. My last operation was a bigger scale. Well if theres anything else i can let you know feel free to ask or any advice etc would be greatly appreciated.:smoke:
  3. Looks good man, keep it up!
  4. very nice
  5. Nice work man .... Can't wait 2 see some bud in the future ....
  6. You're day 15 pictures must be different plants rite? I see small cups off to the right that look more like the day 10 pictures xD
  7. Lookin healthy for sure!
  8. Indeed^^^!
    lookin great
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    no those are accurate day 10 ---> 15 is 5 real days !!
    Look in sick plants close up mg defiency ? i have yellowing botches on leafs
    looks to be getting worse though.Any help would be appreciated

    yeah the four to the side are 1 week old when i took them wbags they weren't in any other pics
    seems hard to believe but its true.
  10. Day 20

    everything seems to be going well hopefully the zinc/mg def is gone now , im crossing my fingers

  11. Lookin good man. How do you like working with the bags?
  12. Last time i used 5 gal buckets I think the bags are alot easier to handle and a little more discreet so far so good !!:hello:
  13. Is that the Homebox your growing in? I just set mines up and dropped my 2 females inside. how do you like it? nice plants!
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    Yes it's a Homebox L, for a straight out of the box grow room ya cant beat it now im just wishing i would of spent the extra for a Dr 240 I have 12 unsexed in there, aiming for 4-6. I bought the cheap inline fan from HD and ended up ordering a 424cfm inline centrifugal fan and can filter. Im using the hd fan for intake. Temps are abit harder to control since it's not in my house but the garage. Will be getting a portable ac for next summers grow because they are telling me the heat is a vit much but never over 82F
    hopefully it wont be too damn rough on them.

    Homebox Rocks):hello:
    Day 24
  15. how long do you plant to let them veg for? Those are going to be some nice smoke! i want to try hashplant in the future after i complete my first few grow. Good luck, keep it up!

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