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strawberry cough and BLZ bud grow help please!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by MervingJ, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. hello all,

    i have some beautiful babies which are in need of your help.

    1. the strawberry cough is yellowing up quite badly now from bottom up. and its creeping up on the buds now so im starting to worry.

    2. my lovely blz bud has patches of cripsy brownness appearing as if somone had sprayed them with marmite.

    any help would be awesome!


  2. cant seem to upload pictures. argh!
  3. finally got the pics up!

    please help asap!

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  4. judging by the second picture it looks like you may have mites
  5. yea, ill agree with cmcandrew, looks to me like mites.
    how far into flowering are you?
  6. were about 4-5 weeks into flowering and harvest should be mid-late jan i think all looks healthy appart from the brown flecks, im still unsure about the yellowing on the other, im thinkin it needs a bigger pot.
    any ideas?
  7. I don't think that was mites, mate. I think that's a Magnesium deficiency. Look at the purple stalks. The brown spots on the leaves are the tell-tale sign. Spider mites usually leave (when looking at the top of the leaf) small white specks where they sucked the juice out from the bottom of the leaf, and if the infestation were as bad as those pictures show, you'd have visibly noticed spiderwebs all around the buds and leaves a long, long time ago. I've never seen a spider mite infestation that looked that bad and lived.

    If you're growing in a soilless mix like Sunshine #4, remember, they don't have nutrients. You add everything. Don't put your plants in a soilless mix thinking they're going to grow on their own.
  8. Classic nitrogen deficiency by the first pic. Second pic looks like P or K deficiency. Spider mites suck out the chlorophyl so they leave white spots not brown. What do you feed them?
  9. i had the same kinda shit happen to me and like dude says if mites are on it that bad you see a web formin i took epsome salt and a little bit of blood meal and boiled it into a tea form cut it with water and feed the plant and within hours of doin so the plant turned so green that it looked fake so that helped me and its harmless really if it dosent so let me know..i had just ordered some blz how is it ?? the say potent i was just wondering
  10. BLZ was the best bud i ever had. powerful stuff. got another one on the go at the moment and she is looking really good.
  11. Congrats bro good job.
  12. She looks hungry. What's your PH?
  13. hi guys, i have another BLZ on the go, also a blue cheese and a sour cream, in soil, under a 400watt hps in a cooltube and also a 300watt red giant cfl enviro light. picture one (0396 i think its called) should show one of the top most buds. its really thin. as thin as my little finger.

    we are 7 weeks into flowering and the buds are looking quite stringy on the BLZ, its healthy, appart from the slight light burn she suffered about a month ago (recovering slowly). im just a little worried about the stringyness. the lights are not more than 4 inches away from the tops and the enviro cfl is hanging vertically and is less than 3 inches away. im using nothing but water and canna bloom nutes.

    am i just being paranoid, and they will fatten up in the next 2-3 weeks?
    should i trim some of the top leaves to allow more light to penetrate into the buds?
    if anyone has any advice for me i would be very happy!

    cheers guys!

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  14. Dude...

    Why would u make a diagnosis like that, when u cant even fully see the plant ???

    Its people like u that screw up sincere growers grows.

    If u knew anything about weed, and specifically Spider Mites, youd see
    that this is not SM damage. Go do some reading.

    If this grower wuz stupid enough to listen to you, he/she could have created
    more problems and jeopardized the whole grow.

    Give yer head a shake.

  15. Merving I wouldn't trim fan leaves too much but I might chop the top inch off the big colas. This is called tipping and not only will it cause them to put on more thickness [where you tipped] but it will allow you some sample smoke. Otherwise looks great.
  16. hey merving,i have been growing blz for the past 9 month and always noticed the buds on the blz to be very airy not dense at all,aside from the great smell and high i really dont like the plant all that much.maybe where doing something wrong or maybe thats just the strain.if anyoneone else that has grown blz would like to chime in please do so.i have 2 left in veg and probably will discountinue the strain.
    hope this helps
  17. thanks for your praise VTEC, theyre loooking amazing, i thought they were ready as its 10weeks 12/12 today and only 2 days ago the BLZ went mental with billions of new whit hairs appearing at the top. bit worried about when to harvest now, will get some pics and get back to you.

  18. Get a magnifying glass or microscope o see tricholms to see when its ready to harvest.

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