Strawberry Blue, WWxBB, Sweet Deep Grapefruit Tent Grow

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  1. My first grow so i've decided to start a Journal, it's more for myself then anything else figured it be nice to be able to look back and track my progress and subs (hopefully offering advice) would just be a plus.

    So here's my setup:

    GL80 Growtent (2.7x2.7x6.0)
    4 in Air Fresh Charcoal Filter
    4 in inline Exhaust fan
    4 in intake fan
    6 in oscilating fan
    400 Watt HID lamp (MH/HPS)
    FFOF soil
    General hydroponics Nutrients line

    So i started off by doing research on seed banks, would have started with bag seed but i'm former military and new to area so I damn sure don't know where to find a dealer, so instead ordered from Attitude which got decent reviews from this forum. My first attempt at germination was terrible i tried putting my seeds in paper towels then inserting them into a zip lock bag and placing them under my lamp. That had absolutely no results so I did MORE research and decided on the age old paper towel paper plate cool dry place method....BAM 48 hours later LIFE! I'm still kicking myself for wasting three days of grow time on that fiasco. So i planted my new babies in 3 to 1 FFOF to perlite. From early indications of probably a week and a couple days the Grapefruit probably has the strongest genetics, which to me was surprising seeing as how it was a free seed. My wife named her (crossed fingers) The Queen for good luck. The next strongest appears to be my WWXBB cross, my strawberry Blue has been a huge disappointment so far but i have long way to go and i'm not counting her out just yet. I really only intended on growing 3 plants because from what i've read in books and from the forum you really want 100 watts per plant, but my wife wanted to try one out so i've got two WWxBB going. Early on I was concerned because my plants were showing a curling (down) on their leaves, I cut back on their watering but the problem is still there. After reading and doing more research i'm hoping that it's an over nutrient problem because of the soil. Anyway here are pics of my Grow, and a message to future me who three months from now should be kicking back smoking a bowl listening to the Gorillaz your the man dude!!

    The Second pick is my SDG
    The Third Pick my WWxBB
    The 4th is this Damn SB that I was really excited about and that is disappointing the hell out of me...

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    Head some problems with my grapefruit tilting but I staked her for a few days and she looks great now. I think in the future I'm going to us more soil when their in Dixie cups I think it'll give them more stability. My strawberry blue is still looking a bit shaky but I still have confidence she'll come around. I feel like I spend more time worrying about my plants then I do about anything else. I think I can better understand people who grow but don't smoke this process is pretty exhilarating!
  3. Big week this week transplanted my plants from the cups to pots. They've really filled out since the transplant. I would have done it sooner but I wanted to make sure they had reached their potential. It was a good learning experience though, at least now I know what to look for when transplanting. I think I'm having a nitrogen deficiency but I'm not sure. It just can't be nute burn because I only feed them nutes once a week and their ph is 6.5. I'm going to wait and see if the transplant corrects the problem before going into panic mode. On a side note the grapefruit has started to smell delicious I'm looking forward to her spot. Anyway pics. They needed to be transplanted sooner but hindsights 20/20.

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