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Strangest way you have smoked

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by YoShytsWeak, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hey guys

    just sitting here at work and was thinking of some of the strangest ways I've smoked the ganja in the last and was wondering whats the strangest ways you have smoked?
  2. I had to light a joint using a AA battery and headphone wire ;)
  3. Dabbing Hash Oil trough my nose when my wisdom teeth were out. Claimy nostrils are the worst
  4. Couldnt find a lighter so i held the back of some random metal utensil in my kitchen against my stove for a while, then held it against the weed. Didnt really work so I gave up, and took a walk to the nearest gas station
  5. i smoked out of a cheese puff once. stabbed a toothpick in it lengthwise for the chamber, and carved out a bowl on top. it was only a one hitter of course...

    another time i wondered what it would be like if i lost a hand, so i found a way to hit my pipe with one hand, lighter and all.

  6. You mean like when you're fapping? :p
  7. you mean like fapping and hitting a bowl at the same time??? that works out perfectly since i fap with my left hand and can only do that trick with my right hand.

    i know what i'll be doing tonight... :smoke:
  8. Yea, sucks getting lotion all over your pipe. I still haven't mastered the carb :D
  9. Pretty sure the cheese puff wins
  10. I have smoked out of just a metal bottle cap before.
  11. I've smoked weed out of weed
  12. believe it or not .... foil..
  13. Haha I've done foil before too, I think the strangest thing I've done is a friend of mine would roll joints supper tight but he would put a toothpick in the middle, after he was don't rolling it, he would slip the tooth pick out and there would be a straight hole through the middle... Man that shit hit like a champ.

    But I still think the cheeto wins, ima have to try it when I get home
  14. #14 Proud2Smoke, Aug 17, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 18, 2012
    smoked a bong with my nose. didnt have a lighter so i used lit toothpicks on the stove and ran outside (so it there was no bud smell) to light my bowl, took a few tries because the fucking toothpick would go out!

    edit - Two separate occasions.

  15. I'm going to use a cheeto in front of my friends after they're high, should be some interesting comments :smoke:
  16. Had a buddy hit a bowl with each nostril while I lit them, shit looked crazy
  17. I used to have plugs/gauges well that day i had tunnels in. And my boy smoke a jay through my ear. Lol. It was weird as fugg.
  18. [quote name='"xXx515reptarXxX"']And my boy smoke a jay through my ear. Lol. It was weird as fugg.[/quote]

    Your gonna need to explain that one.
  19. #19 kssmeimaprate26, Aug 17, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 17, 2012
    fucking stoner macgyver. thats a good one though i'll have to remember that for the next time its like 4 am i dont want to leave the house and cant find a lighter....i usually just go to sleep....not anymore haha.

    lol quoted the wrong one....oh well too lazy to fix. but the battery and wire haha
  20. [quote name='"illogical"']

    Your gonna need to explain that one.[/quote]

    Alright i had gauges. and my ears were at 3/4th the size of the hole. So trevor rolled a joint put it in the hole of my ear. lit it and smoked it.

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