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Strangest/Trippiest Thing That Happened to you while High

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lilish4, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Whats the strangest thing to happen to you while you were high? For me, once me and my friend were on a golf course at night (he lives on one) and we smoked 4 joints and just listened to our headphones and layed down to look at the sky. And I swear to you, while we were looking, every 5 minutes a cloud would float over us and it would be a question mark. I swear on everthing. It was the weirdest thing. We saw at least 10 clouds that were question marks. I thought I was going crazy or some shit but I knew I wasn't because we both saw it! It was weird man. What's your story?
  2. back in middle school me and a bunch of friends smoked four fat blunts and then snuck into the movie theater. then this deaf dude comes (he worked there) and starts shout gibberish words. so we are all just standing there looking at him and eachother like wtf am i the only one hearing this? so then he starts pointing at the door so we just left laughing our asses off because we had no clue wtf had just happened lol good times :smoke:
  3. Having practically spent the past five years lifted, it is hard to say... lots of strange stoned hilarity. Just yesterday, I went to a county health clinic to get a meningitis vaccination for the grad school im transferring to. I'm normally comfortable with being high in all kinds of situations, but this was my breaking point. I was filling out some paperwork in the crowded lobby, feeling several sets of judgemental conservative north texan's eyes burning into the back of my head. Suddenly, a young mentally handicapped kid runs up to me WAVING HIS HAND IN MY FACE. I say "whatsup" and continue doing paperwork. He continues waving his hand inches away from my face for 30–40 more seconds.. I ended up standing up and awkwardly filled out my paperwork in the corner. Really really awkward, strange moment. I wondered where his parents were and if that was the smoothest way to handle the situation. I felt like a jackass. What would you do?
  4. Punch that little shit in the face.
  5. waking up in a ditch 3 towns over but that involved more then just weed
  6. CRAZIEST thing happened to me, and I was high so it was even crazier when it happened. I was bike riding on a windy day wearing a cap, next thing I know my cap blows away and as soon as it blew away I looked back to retrieve it but it just ended up landing on the persons head behind me. The person's face was amazing to see to :p :smoke:
  7. So I was laying in bed really stoned listening to pink floyd and I had the craziest CEV's like flashing triangles and squares spinning and moving in circles and changing colours.
  8. Me and my friend smoked a bowl and his walls turned into cards and I was paranoid that they were going to fall over o_O or this one time I smoked a joint of the best weed I ever had and I walked into my friends house and I dropped to the ground because I had no bones.

  9. stand up and yell," kid, your parents are FUCKED son. im high."
  10. Me and one of my friends were chillen in the basement, we just finished smoking a couple bowls of some bomb weed. So now we are nice and toasty. All of a sudden this annoying kid comes down and wants to smoke with us with some of his shit which is poo and horrible. So we smoke a bowl with him to make him happy so he would leave. So me and my friend are so high and this kid(annoying one) pulls out his phone and start to take pictures of the both of us, then turns the phone around and starts taking like 20 pictures of himself. He ended up going up stairs and going to sleep. We found his phone and there was prob 10-15 pictures of each of us and about 20 pictures of himself, it was fucking weird
  11. About a couple weeks ago, me & some mates were at a fest & saw Portishead (fucking epic triphop!) , we were all high. I wasnt even sure if my eyes were open or closed, but everithing looked like it was a theater, it was a standing crowd but it looked like everybody was seated in real luxury theater seats from the Louis 14 period!!! It was at night, but it was like if it was lighten by candles or sommet!! My best high quite possibly (been smoking a couple years) :D
  12. This time me and my bro drove up to this city called albuequerque to check out the state fair n guitar center. keep in mind we had been blazing for the past 200 miles. when we finally get to guitar center just as were about to walk in, this dude comes running aroung the corner. were like oookk. then again just befoe we enter another *Person* comes running around the corner as well
    I shit you not man. the person looked like the guy from that movie "Juwana Man"
    shit was fucking funny as hell.. Then the Juwana Man shouts "hey Im not done fucking with you" this one guy is just WTF and spews the fuck everywhere .. man we were laughing so hard I could barely open the door.
  13. When I used to make hash brownies all the time, and the one batch I made was just wayyy too strong. Ate 2 and couldn't walk or talk for the whole day, literally. That was kinda just fucked up actually hahaha
  14. Me and a friend were smoking bowls in another friend's garage while it was raining outside. We were just chillin on the couch listening to music when all of a sudden we hear this loud ass ripping noise (idk how else to describe it) which went on for about seven seconds followed by a loud thud. We all look at each other :eek: and go outside to see what the fuck happened. Turned out the rain had made the huge mass of vines growing on the side of his garage fall off. It was crazy as fuck though, sounded like the world was ending hahaha.
  15. One time back in High School I was with a buddy of mine and we had just smoked a few bowls. I walk outside and I said "Man, I'm too high to go anywhere" and some old dude was right behind me. He looked like he was in his mid 60s. I thought oh shit he's gonna call the cops my life is over. Little did I know the guy was cool with it and we ended up selling to him! lol good times :smoke:
  16. Craziest thing to happen to me was in high school. It was my first time upgrading my weed quality and didnt know what to expect. I skipped 2nd period went to a friends house and smoked 4 blunts. We returned to the school and we met up with a friend we both knew. As we walked the halls my vision went static like then back regular. I looked up to see my dealer at his locker with a cop pointing a flashlight at the locker. I asked my sober friend if he saw it and he said no. When i looked back there was 4 or 5 policemen pointing lights at the locker. Me and my stoned friend was tripping out then i looked at the area were they was gathered and everyone was gone away from the locker....i was freaked the fuck out
  17. Realizing life changing shit that I dont think of when Im sober.
    Like.. just a whole new outlook on whats going on in my life than when I am not.

  18. That tends to happen to me a lot. When I'm really high the most random shit will just turn into an entire story.

    But I never remember the stories, I just remember having a story :(
  19. After smoking a couple bowls in my friends bathroom my friend loaded one last bowl and we were tripping out because we were taking shots as well and we went back to take a hit of the bowl and it had disappeared....
  20. i saw the rain, plus some crazy shit in the city, that was not so trippy tho..

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