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Strangest thing you've seen high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MARLEYFEST, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Public Arguement, Funny Occurence, Strange Animal, Ghostly shapes anything that threw you off and made you ask yourself... Did I really just see that?
  2. I shit you not, a drunk man once sat on the hood of my car to make an order at Mcdonalds, after being told he could walk through the drive thru ( late night, lobby is closed) He asks me if he can, I don't even answer and he jumps on the car. But I was ripped and lil tipsy myself. He made his order, then we made ours. The Micky D's staff scorned us for doing so. Scary part was here, He reels back and flings his arm in my window. I'm like "The fuck!" but, he was only giving me a dollar for the trouble. Spooked me out, but I was cheesin' about it the whole way home though.
  3. A lady sitting against a tombstone at a graveyard alone I thought she was a ghost. I was faded hard off some firecrackers.
  4. This same thread over and over again...weird
  5. The things people will do for munch, I swear.

  6. Didn't realize it, just came to my mind.
  7. A dead possum that I had seen earlier driving sober.
  8. Got stalked by a giant goose while walking home in the dark. No shit.
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    Me and some friends were fishing late at night and it was raining a little bit, but under the boat docks, where some of the lights were penetrating the water you could see 4 -5 foot alligator gars just slowly creeping around. Things are huge, weirded me out a bit.
  10. After smokeing 14 joints of some reggi my friend opened his front door and started like speaking in toungs

  11. I would've died laughing
  12. I used to break into an old abandoned house with my buds back when i had no place to smoke. we toked up there every day for a month.. then one day we happened to get extraordinarily ripped.. found out there was stairs oddly hidden in what looked to be a small coat closet, but of course the sketchiness didn't deter us. we immediately ran up those stairs to find pentagrams and devil worship spray painted across the walls and a squatter in a sleeping bag in the corner. never ran out of a place faster.
  13. Shit man. Just the other night, I finished a bowl and I heard a noise. I look around and 2 of the posters on the wall were flapping for like half a second like it was windy or something. It was trippy shit. The furnace vent is on the other side of the room, and the window was closed. There was no air movement in there.
  14. While I was reading that, I was picturing the house from that movie "Monster House". I never finished that movie...

    It was for kids, but it was scary as fuck!:smoke:

  15. cracked me up haha
  16. Someone on the dock, that me and my friends were smoking on, was fishing at 5:30pm and it was dark as fuck. Plus, to make it weirder, he didn't mind us smoking, even when he was downwind. :smoke:
  17. Its not really strange, But when im driving high every car seems to be a cop car untill i get within 25ft of it. Paranoia ftw.
  18. hearing cayotes (or however the fuck you spell it) while walking down a dark road with woods on both sides at 2 am.
  19. I once saw a bear standing in the back of the truck in front of me while driving. (probably a statue, but it was foggy so it looked real). Or when I was walking around on moll, outside my house I heard a giant animal moving in the woods a lot. the next day I got chased by a bear and it tried to come in through my window. XD
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    Just last night I was watching TV after some super dank Ultra Kush. Got me tripping balls to the point where I was contemplating whether I was having a heart attack or not and whether I was ready to die or not. Also as I was walking across the room I could see my body from the shoulders down in like a 3rd person perspective view and it seemed like I was shrinking and the room was getting flatter with me. It was like the room was getting squished diagonally back and forth. But Yeah I layed down and I saw a coffin and a big large cross laid across the cover of the coffin. Then I got on my lap top and I started playing games on omgpop and my arms were turning purple and the screen on my laptop was getting bigger and it was like the screen was all I could see. Then I laid down in bed and watched some cops and I think I saw in the corner of my eye a floating sandwich or hamburger on top of my tv but it went away after like 2 seconds. Then after waking up in the middle of my sleep I look at my fan and for a second I thought it was like a creepy ninja demon clinging on to a white tree trunk. LOL i don't even know man but that was some crazy shit. It was scary for a while but it started getting fun after I told myself that I was just stoned out of my mind lol I've never had a weed trip like that before it was an awesome trip.

    Be careful driving high bro just don't crash man. That's what i'm really afraid of doing when I'm high. I'll avoid driving at all costs it's just way too risky. I mean I have so much more tokes ahead of me and to end my life just like that isn't cool.

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