Strangest Places you've smoked.

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  1. If you can remember you know? I've smoked in a few places that just did'nt seem right, Last night was one of those, it was about 11 at night, and there's this old one-room school houses up in the woods, like 5 mins. off this trail. You go inside and an old computer is busted into pieces on the ground with all this wierd shit printed onto normal paper like you print off your computer, there was a broken crack pipe or two, and like an old photo album with pictures like 1940-50 era shit on them, like people posing with familys, I took a picture of these two twin girls sitting on a rockwall, wearing the same clothes and one has an umprella, so fucked up, they look like they're eyes follow yours.

    Anyway while I was there I was asking this kid who goes there alot if it was like a place where some homeless serial killer lived, he said kids in the 70's used to go here and snort coke, they prob. put all the wierd shit in it to scare people.

    Oh yeh, the shit was dank... peace all.
  2. lets see recently i smoked in an abandoned hotel in the vally of there steep mountains. no wierd shit and it was actually a pretty good site. also i have smoked at two abandoned pools with all these frogs in them pretty cool too. well thats all i can think of but if i think of any more i will let you know
  3. i have smoked many a time at the rehab center parking lot. even out in the woods at the rehab place, it was kinda scary because we did not know if the next car coming by would stop and tell us to move along. it was some of the dankest stuff i have ever smoked.
  4. i dont know about weirdest... but best is alwayz on top of buildings.. anywhere high heh

    my house is overlooking the ocean so itz always fun to climb on the roof with a couple people in the summer and smoke a nice fat blunt
  5. I dunno where the strangest place Iv smoked is - and I had a few! Sat on the pavement infront of this big dark building was pretty mad, especially when we realised it was the cop shop and ran like fucking maniacs up this alley and got TOTALLY lost! Ahh, those lovely paraniod cant beat the spinny adrenalin rush!
  6. i smoke on a steep cliff that goes down about 70 feet into freezing water.

    then i go smoke in my room a little.

    then i go smoke on the roof of an apartment.

    then i smoke in the stairway in my dormatory.

    then i go smoke walking to my friends house.

    then i go smoke in a car while we're doing spins on the snow in the middle of nowhere

    but... the weirdest place i've ever smoked.. was when these guys kidnapped me, and i groped around looking for something to cut the ropes, and all i found was a stash of weed and a lighter.. i didn't know where i was though, but damn, they drove me an a truck for three days until i got there. must have been far from here....
  7. Probably up the top of Aenoch Mor in Scotland with my little bong packed with snow and my board on my feet....aghhh Heaven.....Peace out...Sid

  8. Dude go up there with a chick and smoke, i would do it every night if I lived over looking the ocean.

    There this place where me and my brother smoke sometimes thats near a road but concealed. It was about midnight and we were back there and this truck drove by and stopped, reversed to turn around, and when the front was pointed towards us they just stopped there for about a minute and then continued to turn around and drove away. Was kinda wierd.
  9. actually talkin about weird places to smoke some danker, me and my guy ant went to a place called bloods point and smoke on some guys grave we didnt even know? it was scary shit but u know they wanted some too!
  10. I, like most of you i guess, smoke a lot and everywhere. The "strangest" so far must be at the top of an unfinished high-rise office building. We were 'bout six guys late at night when all the bars were closed, and we trespassed into this building lot, climbed to the top and toked up with a view :)

    A nother classic tradition is toking up before travelling. On airports this can be a bit tricky. Remember to check in first, getting rid of luggage and other "forgettables". Next head to closest outside area or parking-lot and fire up a biggie. You'll enjoy the flight, esp. take-off... I guarantee it!
  11. well once i had to go in and get my finger prints taken because i got in a lil trouble, i smoked in the parking lot of a police station with my dad before i went in and after i came back out. My fav place is at concerts, i only been to a kottonmouth kings and insane clown posse concert, i smoked a big ass blunt when the kings went on stage.
  12. I work as a lights-engineer, so smoking b4, during and after concerts is no biggie for me. Ususally when I work I don't toke up before a concert, 'coz I need to concentrate a bit :) But after a while you get into the groove so to speak, and since the FOH is pretty isolated from the rest of the crowd, I light up. Sometimes, depending on who the sound-engineer is, we pass and puff several during a gig.

    After the gig, there is backstage, and that my friends is a chapter all to itself... Nothing beats chilling out BS whilst the coolies are breaking their backs tearing the rig down and packing stuff. I was a rookie coolie myself once. Never again!

    FOH : Front Of House, aka the mixerposition.
    Coolie : a "technical" roadie.
  13. lets see........

    in my home town, there is a ton of big sand dunes. this is this park i like to go to kinda in the woods. you have to take this long ass walk to get there, but its worth it. once you finally get to the end, it is this tall ass dune and it has woods all behind you and you look out and all you can see is lake michigan and sand and other little hills. i should take a pic and scan it on here....
    its pretty tight.

    also, i personally love smoking in big old graveyards. you can hide behind so many things and get away if you need to pretty fast.

    another place i just smoked recently was this old haunted house by mine. its soooo creepy. my friend used to live there before it got all run down. we always saw crazy ass shit over there. and we were only like in third grade, so we weren't high!

    but, i like woods best by far.....
    many a good memory...

    i miss you charlie.....
  14. Graveyards are nice. When you get ripped you start to read the tombstones, fantasizing about their lifes, why they died young etc.

    Graveyards are filled with indispencible people.

    My tombstone gonna read: "He might not have much, but he did have fun!" or "Game Over"
  15. Where the smack heads shoot up i was scared when i smoked there in nottingham back home my mates took me there i didnt like it all we had to walk through some bushes and i cud tell it was a fucking skag heads home cos of all the needles and foil and crap it just made me feel so dirty. I mean weed aint a dirty thing but there i was having to smoke it in a nasty corner of the local city no way did i go there. I found and old building with prety childrens pictures instead but i always got lost in there ...........................
  16. some places ive smoked:

    on a bench in the middle of a pond (peninsula)-very trippy
    on my friends roof
    in the school parking lot
    on the highway going 100 mph
    in an elementary schools playground
  17. When I was in high school I worked at this amusement park (HersheyPark) and the strangest place I ever smoked was on this ride called the Great's an inverted was really hard to do b/c the ride was so short and windy. I had to use a stealth pipe and I could only get about 2 hits, but it was still cool....I also got to smoke on the monorail there, that was great.
  18. i think ive smoked in alot of wierd places, but theyre always great places. theres this old skool thats abandoned where i used to live, for some reason at night there was always this red light that was on in one of the classrooms that you could see from the outside, and everytime we walked by it, wed see shadows moving around, so one night we decided to fuck it, we broke into the building, somehow found our way in the pitch dark upto the classroom (3rd floor, it was a hell of a trek, you can only keep lighters on for so long, they burn the shit out of your fingers the bastards) so anyways we smoke like 4 or 5 bowls just chillin and lookin down onto the street out the window. like 5 minutes later a whole bunch of shit fucking banged and crashed downstairs, i dont think i was ever so freaked out. we probably got out of there in like 45 seconds, just bumping into everything trying to find a way out. haha, i ended up with a 3 scars that will now follow me for the rest of my life crashing into shit in the hallways and stuff......
    so yeah, strangest place was this old haunted school.....that damn red light was no help...
  19. I went to NYC towards the end of my senior year in hs. We smoked right in times square right bewteen 2 buildings with birdge overpass type of thing connecting them. Then we played lazertag down there.
  20. Mine's not really a weird place but more of just a ballsy move. Me and a bunch of my friends were already stoned in this kid's house. They were all watchin some show on tv while a few of us were in the kitchen for obvious reasons. The kid's family was home and was in the other room. So the three of us in the kitchen slipped out the door and toked out front the kids front door while everyone else and his family were in the next room. When we finished the bowl we slipped back in and pretended nothing happened. No one even noticed, we had to tell them about it later.

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