Strangest occurance on a bus ride?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by chef buttswett, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. I was on the way home from work last year and the bus stopped by an underpass. A tweaker in a hoodie jumpied a fence and came the fuck outta nowhere from the bushes and hopped on. He sat close to me and he looked at me so I gave him a look back and didn't stop staring til I creeper him off the bus (literally the next stop.) So fellow blades, what's your strangest encounter on a bus
  2. OP, you stared at him until he got off? Or he stared at you until he got off? Lol.

    Once when I was younger, I got on the bus and within the next stop or two I found myself sitting with three or four dirty kids (train hoppers) and an older lady about 60. No more than a minute later, somehow the ice was broken and all of us are laughing, talking, sharing stories. One of the train hoppers opened a bag of peanut M&M's and his first buddy held out his hand for some.. then his second buddy.. then (like a sitcom played out in real life), without missing a beat, the lady held out her hand for some. We all laughed and he gave her some. It was just such a motley crew, my 10ish year old skateboarder self, a grandma-ish age lady, and a group of train hoppers all getting along and just the feeling of love we all had for one another for that short ride.. the chemistry of all of us was perfectly aligned. Just a miracle of right place, right time for all of us to be on that ride together talking.

    Another time (don't think it was the same bus ride, but I was pretty young then too) a buddy of mine and myself were taking the bus to a skatepark in the Mexican part of town, pretty far from home. We got to talking to this black couple on the bus who were really cool, asking us about skateboarding, talking about movies and such. He asked if we had seen Lords of Dogtown, and if we did drugs (truly never had yet) and sent us off the bus with the message that we don't need the drugs, just to enjoy the skateboarding without it! Really honest positive vibes and message, too bad the drugs needed US years later

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  3. I'm usually the one they make stories of on the bus.


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  4. inb4 amberlamps
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  5. I creeped him off. I was in a hoodie and sun glasses like him. I still see him jumping out as soon as the door flew open in my head lol.
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  6. No epic beard here, unfortunately.
  7. I used to take the bus in Los angeles when I was attending culinary school (sushi).
    There were a few bums would jump on, change clothes and bird bath, then jump off the next stop while the driver is telling at them.

    I hated the bus.
  8. There was a bee on the bus one night. I'm sitting in the back by myself, and this things buzzing around trying to find a window. No one else seems to see it though. After I got off the bus, I questioned if there really was a bee.
    Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary, just being stuck next to bums that smell like all the awful smells in the world fucked, vomited, and had sex in the vomit.
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  9. I know those strange smells. This guy who sat in front of me last week reeked of yellow mustard for whatever reason.
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  10. You talking about lake street lmao

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  11. The only time Ive taken the public bus is going to the state fair.

    I have taken the subway in NYC and a homeless dude drew a picture of my brother lol

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  12. I think that's been every bus ride I've been on.

    ...It's probably @Sade I got money on it.:coolalt:
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  13. This was his entire journey. Underpass to just around the corner.
  14. One time the bus I was riding on (Greyhound) got stopped at the bottom of a pass because the entrance was blocked off due to a wreck about halfway up. The only other way to get over this thing was a little fucking unpaved goat-trail two track switchback that runs parallel and slightly under the normal highway. Big fucking bus, right? This thing literally had about a half foot wider clearance than the road itself. Bus driver gets out and talks to the staties and is told access to the road is probably gonna be out for 3+ hours. Bus driver summarily says 'fuck this' and asks permission to use goat trail, and is given the go-ahead. Needless to say, the next hour and a half was full of myself and everyone else on board backseat driving the bus driver while staring out the window being eyes for him, and shitting our pants. Like, a couple women started crying from fear because of how sketch this whole undertaking was. Not a single fucking guard rail up the entire thing, and especially on the the tight corners, looking out the side window meant looking straight down at a ridiculous fall. We finally made it through, and I've never seen more people happy to get off a bus in my life.

  15. Well did he come from out of nowhere or the bushes. It can't be both

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  16. Some dude was telling me
    The world was
    Coming to an end and I just stood there like "yeah"

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  17. Nowhere as in he was behind a locked gated fence under an overpass. I didn't see him til he emerged from the shrubbery and hopped the fence
  18. I often get random weirdos talking to me on public transport. I was on a bus earlier this month and the guy sitting next to me suddenly said, "Holy crap, where are all the white people? I see Asians, africans, latinas and arabs but not a single whitey to be seen! " I then noticed that he was right - the bus was filled entirely with racial minorities. It was kinda funny actually :p.

    There was another occasion where I was sitting with my backpack on the seat next to me. I noticed the guy sitting across the middle walkway from me was trying to unzip my bag and reach into it. It was so damn obvious. When I looked at him as though to say "What the hell are you doing?", he laughed and shrugged, then said "busted mate, busted!" He got off at the next stop and I never bothered taking any further action.
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  19. I actually found myself on the bus a couple days ago. 5 mins into the ride & about six young girls hopped on. their ages varied from (let's say about) 9 - 14 years old. these CHILDREN were loud & cussing up a storm, talking about friends/school/fighting etc .. it was very strange (and sad) but before my trip was over I gave them some words of wisdom about getting through high school & also being respectful esp. in front of elders and I believe they left with some good advice
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  20. [​IMG]

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